Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A busier than normal Wed...

 Well, I really never thought a Wednesday could get busier than the normal busy Wednesday, but I was wrong. This was a flying by the seat of our pants one (at least for me).  After getting 3 hours of sleep, I think it seemed even harder.  Have I mentioned Loggy in our bed is a bit of a crowd.  Would have been ok if it was the first half of the evening when it was just me, but he joined me when daddy got home at 3am and would not leave.  3 hours of sleep is making me age by decades :(  Anyway....the only thing that kept me going today was the busyness. By 10am I could have been asleep, but instead I was chillin with this sweet girl and helping in her class. 
 In between preschools we visited our local hardware store to see the chicks. Loggy was not so sure about them.  We did see his afternoon teacher here though so that was fun :)
 I was only home 30 mins total today...bc it was also family share at school...first I saw this smartie in class...
 He had his name drawn to sit at the bike desk in class and read.  Fun!  I am not sure I would be productive doing's too multi-tasky for me.  But good for boy energy I guess.
 Then back to this girl's class for family share...they were reading one of the Fudge books.  I love those books from elem. school.
 Then I picked up this girl and we did our weekly SB run. I think she might be running to SB more than her big NYC sis?  She is going to turn into a strawberry and creme frap.  Dropped her off to violin...(sadly she had to miss swimming/diving and swim pics today bc of violin class, but our priority has to be violin)
 Then off to our weekly fav. fast food place...
 We really only go for the free Frostys. :)  Daddy even bought another Frosty card so he could have one on his keychain. 
 I must look really tired today bc this is the pic Loggy made of me sleeping at Wendys :)
And I was on Awana volunteer duty...but I did have fun watching Ash during the relays.

Now is my fav. part of the night. Bed.  One good thing about busy says is that sleep seems even sweeter!

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