Saturday, February 4, 2017

A busy-enough Saturday

 A rundown of our Sat...D was running on only 5-6 hours of sleep after his sleepover with his bday buddy, but somehow he was awake enough to use a carving machine :)  He looks like he is giddy with excitement :)  BTW...this is him carving his derby car.  Last year of the cub scout pinewood derby one month away!
 Ok, so I was a little worried when I saw him working with his saw thing while not watching the saw thing...but daddy told me he had actually carved his car and this was a stage reenactment so I could have a picture.  Pretty realistic.
 The rest of these are out of order....D was on fire for his game!  It was fun to watch. He got 8 or 10 points. He lost :) 
 I think he made this one even though he was falling backwards.

 Some tough defense too!  Go D!
 We finally saw our Shelby after 26 hours of being gone in Indy.  She had the best time at one of her best bud's 13th bday parties.  I guess we need to step it up for year 13.  Who knew?  A hotel room in Indy, swimming, mall shopping (where they all got matching sweatshirts), good food and lots of fun!
 This might be why someone is grumpy and tired all day...late night reading :)
 Special heart bfast for my two youngest.
 LOL!  Her reaction after realizing she had put on her regular clothes ever her pjs.  I am thinking she was a little tired after waking up to her sister's alarm clock that accidentally went off at 6:30am.  Thanks, Shelb!
 Practicing her chasses....her homework for ballet class :)  Love it.  Except mama was telling her to point her feet.  She insisted I was wrong...what would a delinquent old ballerina know?  Well, we asked Hailey tonight and she said "always, always, always point your feet!" (unless choreography related like Nutcracker soldiers).  The expert sister ballerina has spoken!
 Probably his only smiles of the day.  He had a rough day. 
 One on one with coach after the big game.  He has great coaches...two high school kids Hailey's age.  They are so sweet and uplifting.  Always impresses me when teens are like this.
 Not sure how he had such an awesome game after getting little sleep and not having bfast or lunch....and having two friend get-togethers (he went to another friend's all day after car carving)...the kid hadn't been home in 24 hours which is not normal for him.  But he was in good spirits!
 Attempting chores tonight...a slow process.  Ash was still doing ballet...can you tell? That might be an almost-Balanchine hand there.
And I actually made a real meal tonight (yumm, lasagna!) in hopes that we would all eat dinner together...well, of course, that was a fail. Shelb came home two hours later than expected and had already eaten.  Oh well.  I tried.

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