Sunday, February 12, 2017

A busy vday/party prep Sunday

Well, I'm having trouble with my pics tonight so this will be all that goes with them...a lil' paragraph.  It was a beautiful weather Sunday, but we were too busy indoors to enjoy it.  I assured the kids spring was right around the corner...but they really wanted to play outside. Bet they wished they'd done their valentines yesterday like I asked!  So, after church and some shopping, we dug into doing the school v-tines. Super simple this year.  They each came up with their own ideas.  D loves mazes and Party City had these awesome ones.  He was excited. Ash loves fruit rollups so she came up with her idea. And Loggy loves Scooby and Paw Patrol...and the dollar store had both. Score!  They worked hard on them, but they took much longer than I intended.  We finally finished delivering our GS cookies. Hurrah!  D is still trying to deliver pretzels from October Cub Scout sales...pretty poor that this neighbor is either never home or doesn't have cash. Really?  Not cool.  After Kev and Shelb made a violin lesson and cub scout meeting run, I made my big trip to Kroger for the week.  What was I thinking doing that on a Sunday?  Worst day, especially before V-day!  But I did get a free choc. covered strawberry.  Yumm.  I look awful eating that thing though.  But who was delish!  Loggy helped me make teacher treats (he has his party tomorrow) and boys were in party prep mode making shootable creeper blocks (which they tried out right away with the new Nerf gun)...and we had fun with science outside...making explodeable creepers.  Some were flops...others shot up high!  And doing minute-to-win-it Minecraft style! Fun!  
And we had a nice pre-vday meal...bc our real meal is a fancy reservation on Tuesday!  Bet you can't guess what?!



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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!