Friday, February 24, 2017

A gorgeous day, but a too-busy night!

 Well, I've decided my posts are just going to be pics and a paragraph. I just don't have it in me lately to do more, and I figure at least this is better than nothing. So here is our day.  D had his music program at school first thing this morn.  I got lucky and him wear red white and blue and had no idea he was actually supposed to wear that since it was a patriotic them (50 nifty United States!). Phew!  I am not on my game lately, but luck is on my side sometimes.  Then Loggy and I had a nice day at home.  I haven't been feeling well again and needed another down day before our busy weekend.  It was gorgeous out and we played play doh on the back porch...and had ice cream too and some tball.  I knew the weather would turn (70's today, 20s tomorrow...yuck!) we took advantage of the nice weather a tad bit. I wanted to take him to the park, but ended up having to lay down for awhile and by the time I got up it was storming out.  This evening was busy, busy.  Ash and I worked a GS booth at the homeshow, that was pretty much a waste of GS time...but we did see our awesome family (Kim and Randy who were next to us with Class 101) and others we knew.  But still would have rather been home relaxing.  Kev had to run to church and help set up for bball, but the kids had fun shooting baskets.  Oh and Shelb is slowly but surely getting her dives now.  Our hope is she can eventually dive in a meet. Poor girl is the only one not diving lately (out of the 8 divers).  And Ash is super excited to have been asked to show off her artwork at the IU art museum next weekend (She got a letter in the mail today).  I'm so happy for her. She is rarely the focus of attention and she is a wonderful artist (her art teacher has commented on her pieces before). This will be fun for her and quite an honor. 



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