Sunday, February 26, 2017

A (mostly) daddy-less Sunday

 Well, Sundays are usually my fav day. We have church, we have violin, that's it...and daddy is home.  But not today. :(  We did have him for church bc it was Scout Sunday and he and D were helping greet.  Don't they look snazzy in their unis?!  Last time they get to do this...sort sad.  And daddy was talking too much I guess and missed the offering/communion part, which I know D likes to help with.  Oh well. 
 I was downstairs helping in Lo's area.  He was having a good ol time with the boys in his room!  We had a small crowd, which was good since Kev wasn't with me most of the time.  And I finally got the day right...last week I thought I was working and got here early and realized it wasn't the right Sunday. My mind is going lately!
 On the way home we had a fun car wash adventure at our new car wash. Had to use our free car wash coupons. I have 6 of them! :)  Loggy loved this :)  He said it smelled like donuts.  Maybe he is thinking of the donut car wash in NYC?
 Daddy left shortly after lunch so that meant Lo had to come with us to violin lesson.  He wasn't too happy til he remembered these cool blocks!  He loves blocks!  He might not look happy here, but he is!
 Go, Shelb!  She was very tired, working on her new Vivaldi solo.  Harder than the other one.
 He was making them fit back together in the box like a puzzle.  He has such an analytical mind.
 Honestly, these poor kids just need down time to play.  I let them have it for awhile.  But that is what our Spring Break will be in a couple we do have that to look forward to!
 D finished up his party thank yous! 
 Lo helped me with box tops!  He loves to cut and tape things :)
 We did some chores. (this way next weekend we don't have to do very much...yay!)
 D painted his derby car...flames?  I mistakenly gave him glitter paint so it will be a little sparkly at is speeds down the track (maybe that will make it extra fast?!) :)
 It wasn't 70 out, but I they wanted to go outside and they needed some fresh air. I happened to check on them as this was happening. Yes, that is Lo going full force down the driveway in his Tonka truck and Ashley was supposed to catch him before he went in the road.  Hmmm.  Not the best idea.  We have a semi busy street and I nixed this idea!
 This pic is for Hays...Dylan wanted you to imagine what he sounded like eating his tacos tonight :)  We know you miss his loud chewing :) :)
 More practice. This girl gets no rest. She's been sick for over a week and her schedule is nuts lately.  I hope she can sleep her days away on Spring Break!
And our evening...a Netflix movie (Home?) and popcorn and vanilla shakes.  They didn't get to watch all of it bc they had to be in bed early for ISTEP tomorrow.                                       
 And Hays likes to temp us with NYC food...and she succeeds. For some reason NYC food looks so much better than Indiana food.  I love green idea what this is, but it looks yummy!  Maybe I will make something like this for St. Pat's Day in honor of our 17 year old! :)
 Also, no idea what this is (fococcia with nutella?)  Also looks good.
Hays and some ballet buds went out for a 1/2 bday celebration for Barb.  We love Barb. The kids call her "Babe Ruth".  (Ruth is her middle name). We hope she goes to IU next year and we can have her over sometimes!  Plus we'd love to watch her dance at the MAC.  And below is the gang at the restaurant (Serafina, I think?)

And now I'm waiting for my hubs to come home...sort of a lonely night.  Not my fav.  And we have an extremely busy week, so bracing for that!

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