Thursday, February 2, 2017

A running-errand kinda Groundhog Day!

 It was a running-errand day.  Not my fav. kinda day, but a necessary one.  I didn't really sit down at all in the morn except to eat a few cheesy chips with my Lo per his request.  But mostly it was spent making a bunch of lists...and finding all my returns from party stuff. If you know me, you know I am the queen of returns.  I am one of the few who actually return stuff to the dollar store.  And, yes the cashier rolled her eyes at me when I returned $12 worth of stuff.  But I did not care!  
Oh, sweet sun, where have you been most of my January...I am glad you came out in February and I was very hopeful this would mean that groundhog rodent guy would predict winter was almost over!
 We were at Kroger for way too long looking for things I had no clue where they were...lice shampoo was top on the list.  We did pick up something for Hailey too :)  Don't mind this corndog boy...he in in rare form lately...rarer than normal.  He has become a serious mama's boy...and is stuck to me like glue. I have to hug him most of the time I am pushing the cart.  Not easy to shop like that!
 He was excited to pick up his big bro's sporty cake for tomorrow's school celebration!  Poor thing with his rash. We are wondering if he is allergic to milk?  He only started breaking out like this when the doc told him to have 3 cups of milk a day.  Coincidence?  We are going to stop milk tomorrow and see what happens.
 Someone stopped by with a special bday gift for D!  He was definitely curious about what was in a box so big!
 He was soooo excited. I guess these big guns are really cool and he has nothing this big!  Plus his one request for his bday was a Nerf gun...and he hadn't gotten one yet.  Someone else (brother bystander) was also excited and tried to open it all up with his scissors.  I will need to watch him like a hawk tomorrow!
 Thanks, Sue Sue!  You're awesome!  Hope you feel better!
 Someone can now officially leave the USA!
 Someone had ballet tonight. We were late. Not sure how this is going to work doing dance all the way across town at rush hour time. :(
 Getting better and better at the cello.  This was the first day I left him home alone too...I think 11 is the age we did that for the girls.  He did really well getting all his chores done and staying off his ipad.  Sorry, Hays, about the bags in your room. You have the lice-sanitation area for now.  Good thing you are not home for over 2 months. :)
 Rough night of diving. I guess she is working on her back dive and hit her face on the water 7 times. She was hurting pretty bad when I picked her up.  I give her tons of credit for doing this.  I know she can get this dive down!
 Well, I was not happy with Phil today.  He predicted 6 more weeks of winter. That rodent needs to do some better predicting!  But the reality is we do have 6 more weeks of winter anyway bc it does not end til March 19.  Duh.  In celebration of the rodent who predicts season, I made some cupcakes. Yum!  Yes, those are bears (which Shelby promptly told me), not groundhogs, but you can't really find graham groundhogs.  Though maybe that would be a great invention!
 Ash and Lo had some fun tonight :)
 Shelb did not.  Lice round two.  Good news is she has no live ones.  Bad news is we are all tired of this.  We are ready to shave her head.  She is almost ready too.
 Daddy learned to help tonight bc my back was killing me after doing it for 30 mins.  He did pretty good!  New talent?
And prepping for double bday sleepovers tomorrow...thankfully not at our house! I love this idea D had to give his friend wafers...all his friends love we stuck them to a board and put the card and gift card on the back. Easy and yummy!

So, that was our day...part of it.  D also had basketball, which stinks bc he doesn't get home til 930pm...that's too late.  And I hated shopping all day, but I did get all my returns done and all my groceries and major supplies from Sam's.  Now tomorrow I can catch up on other things at home. 

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