Monday, February 20, 2017

A sorta lovely summery day-off Prez Day

Well, I had high hopes for this day...was going to sleep in, not do a whole lot and just enjoy the kids.  But it didn't start off as planned.  Loggy was up early (which was fine since he had old preschool)...but he ended up coming into our room and waking me up by jumping on the bed. I don't mind when he crawls in bed and sleeps, but jumping on the bed is not the way I liked to be woken up.  Not cool, man!  And then I know he ran daddy ragged trying to get to preschool.  Poor daddy.  But my morning was not much better at home.  The grumpy bunch did not want to do any chores.  But they had to. After so many weeks of bdays and parties and holidays, we needed to get caught up.  They were dragging their feet!
Then dragging turned into nagging and meaness...notice one in the corner (for the 2nd time...also grounded at this point) after throwing laundry at her sister and hitting her in the eye and then shooting her with a nerf gun in the ear.
Their punishment was also to get along while matching socks. Believe me this is not as easy at it looks.
Someone was mighty happy to have his bro in the van during preschool pick-up. I think he mostly was excited bc big bro shared his cheesy sunchips with him!
YAY for morning preschool!  Any double yay for not having to go to afternoon preschool!
Instead we went to my least fav. place...Wally World.  But I had to get party returns done and D wanted to return a couple duplicate gifts he got.  Sadly he didn't find anything he wanted.  So he has a $30 gift card burning a hole in his pocket. He really wants a Minecraft Wii game, but our Wii is too old...not sure they make Minecraft for regular Wii. 
But the boys did have fun sniffing shampoo and figuring out a smell they would like in their hair. Simple joys!
Forced to be separate for part of day...Shelb worked on violin.
And the other stringed instrument practicer.
Someone helped...she thinks she is a cello expert
While music was practiced...the other two played...
Ash built a really cool polly pocket house with blocks.
Then we went for a bike ride...someone was unsure of his new bday bike.  First time riding it.  He is used to a bike for an 8 year old
But he got more and more confident
Off we went...
LOL...I was mooning him and he was laughing at me.  My pants just do not stay up...darn low riders!  He was helping me hike them up every half mile :)
Searching for turtles and picking our nose. Do turtles hibernate?  Hmmm...
Seeing if there is anything interesting under the bridge. We found a mole mound.
We had fun on our bike ride and it was a beautiful sunny, warmish day.  Crazy for Feb. But this has been a crazy winter...hardly any snow, but so gloomy.  I was just glad to see the sun!
Using our new cross walk light.  The kids think this is pretty cool.
He got out the play doh all by myself.  He had been begging to do this for a few days.  He loves playdoh!
D and I played PIG and HORSE...I won PIG, he won HORSE.  Ya' win some ya' lose some, but mama still got a few bball skilz! :)
Bros playing Wii!
Shelb did some baking for her academic super bowl tomorrow.  Chex mix...her fav!
We even had a normal dinner together today.  And the kids helped. Nice!
Yumm!  It's nice to eat a real meal.  Happiness all around
We played a new game D got at his party!  He beat me, of course.
 And our evening consisted of cub scout awards once again...but the job is almost done...a couple more months, I think. YAY!  And poor daddy...he was stressing it today...and I think the kids made it worse for him tonight.  Some days are just like that.  Bummer

Anyway...So, the day was ok.  After the initial arguing, it was good.  We got some stuff done and had some fun indoors and outdoors.  I am so ready for summer...and not having this crazy schedule for awhile.  Plus 4 day work weeks are nice...but would have been nicer if daddy was home.  So thankful for a slower day.  No ready to face the crazy week...

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!