Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Steg Saturday

 Well, I wasn't in much of a mood to take pics today but here's a few.  A too-busy-Saturday if you ask me. We need to start taking our weekends for ransom.  We need a break from the busyness of the week by peacefulness on the weekend. Maybe in March.  But here is our morning. Normally we let kids watch cartoons, but no rest for the weary.  It was chore time!  A huge pile of laundry and a messy loft to be cleaned up!  They were not happy campers!
 Cleaning up our messy floor...and the mess he made.  But at least he had a smile on his face.
 I wasn't going to make bfast, but since we were up, I did.  My attempt at heart monkey bread.  I wish our Kroger would sell frozen bread loaves. Making it with quick biscuits is not the same. I miss the old monkey bread, but I hate shopping at multiple stores for groceries.
 Off to Marsh for our first cookie booth of the season.  I had a feeling it would be a slow morning, but the girls were in good spirits.  We actually made more off of tips in 2 hours that cookies...we got over $30 in tips. Glad I brought the old tip container.  These girls worked hard!
 It was so cute...they made up a cheer...about cookies...they are mid air here! :)
 Their finale! :)  It worked...people in the checkout loved it.
 And off to one of our fav. teacher's daughter's bday party...who is also our GS leader...can you guess the theme.  Of course, one of our fav themes and Ash had to wear Shelb's old dress.  Very cute party...hats off to Mrs. Liv for doing a great job!
 Shelb's been racking up chocolate roses at school...she's gotten three from friends, one from a boy (whom she assures us is a friend and has the same name as one of her brothers) :)
 Bball game!  The Cavs (our team) was on fire. We won in the last minute by one point.  D hustled a lot, but never made a shot.
 He put lots of shots up...just none went in. Some games are like that.
 This kid was in his new rare form...he is happy here, but after the game we went shopping for bday supplies and he just lost it.  By the time we got home he was screaming at me.  I wish he would take a midday nap. He needs it. But I love him and his sweet baby blues.
 Good defense, D!  Poor kid always gets to guard the biggest kids bc he is the biggest kid.
 Love this...I look over and Ash is just chatting away very intently with one of her old preschool buds, Ellie. They did this the week we were in NYC too...Miss Rene (her mom) sent me a pic :)  Too cute. They are both chatty girls :)
LOL!  Cracking up over trying to find Hailey's roommate on facetime.  We love talking to our Hayeee!  Not sure she loves talking to us. We hassle her about loving her city more and getting out to Central Park to sight see.  Someday she will appreciate my advice :)  Love you, Hays!

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