Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Back to the crazy sched!

Well, we jumped right back into things today.  I was reluctant.  But I have found lately that I just need to force myself to do it all.  It's the only way to not be a hermit in my home, which honestly is not an option, as much I would like it to be somedays!  So....we got moving, got the kids to school and went off to our monthly visit to the library. We had a ton of books due and it was story hour, so we went.  Lo even dressed himself :)  He likes his rain boots now.  They were appropriate today since it did rain.
 He's not the biggest fan of story hour bc honestly he gets so much story time at school and church...but it is his fav time to snuggle with me.  He won't sit on the ground with the kids...he just likes his spot on my lap!  I am ok with that.  Though today he did ask me to go down to the floor with him bc some big adults were blocking his view sight of the story. 
 He loves playing with the magnatiles here, but he was a little sleepy today I think :)
 Fav part of the library today was craft time and making a puzzle! He drew his own design and then the ladies cut it like a puzzle! Very cool!  Love his face :)
 And doing what he loves most...puzzles!  He has mostly given up the train table...too childish for a puzzle wiz!   One of these days I need to do what my dad used to do and mix up puzzle pieces and then have him put them together.  I wasn't a fan of this as a kid, but I think Loggy might like it.
 This girl kinda irked him.  She took the puzzle he really wanted to do...the hardest one there...and then she took forever to do it! He was probably thinking...good grief, girl...I could do that in a couple mins, hurry up!
 He did wander over to the lonely train table only bc Toby was back! He had disappeared for like 6mos.  He loves Toby!
 Back at home we did our homework...while laying on a table.
 And we did puzzles and caught up on reading.
 Then watched some Octonauts in bed :)  He looks pretty relaxed doesn't he?
 Then time to pick up the kids.  I never even got a pic of Ash today...oops. But here's Shelby after Academic Super Bowl.  Her other smartie friends enjoyed the snacks she brought today!
 Then off to diving and swimming.  Almost time for another meet!
 And half of the fam went off to Cub Scouts.  I missed this part of it, but I think D is talking about the Air Force Flag. Uncle Jeffie would be proud. He chose to learn about this flag and had to talk about it in front of the group as part of his badge work and graduation to boy scouts soon. Wish I had heard it!
 Up on stage doing the flag ceremony.
 Gotta be proud.  It was the birthday of scouting and D had bday cake if you couldn't tell?! :)
 I did get to see him get 3 awards. Go, D!  Kinda sad that this time in cub scouting is almost over. But he did decide to stick with boy scouting although it will be in conflict with our busy Wednesday night, which I do not love.
And our sweet violinist practicing her new Vivaldi at lesson tonight. 

I am all alone tonight...Kev is in the midst of an upgrade and is prepping for a weekend of working and had to go back to work for the evening. Oh joy.  I thought this would be an easy week.  Not so much.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!