Thursday, February 16, 2017

Going to sleep at 3am is bad...having a party on a Friday night, also bad.

My title says enough for today.  I was a walking zombie today after only a few hours of sleep.  But it was the only way I could get some stuff done in the peace and quiet.  And this week has been a nightmare as far as time goes.  Never again do we have a party on a Friday night with our current schedule.  And I had two procedures yesterday than just added to the busyness. I just kinda gave up and gave in to the tiredness. I cleaned and only did a few things. And ever time I sat (even to drive) I was in sleepy zone.  Cannot wait til Saturday evening when we are party free and can sleep a full night.  Here's pics from our grateful my sweet boy amuses himself and loves to color and play quietly, plus he's a good helper.  We needed a quiet day.

 mama and loggy nacho time
 such a sweet boy :)
 he wanted so badly to help me
 success at balloon blowing!
 stuffing her mouth with a brownie after academic super bowl practice
 amusing mom with a pic :)
 heading upstairs to the studio...
 Hailey needs to save her stinky shoes so we can make a tree with them! lol :)
 pretty good form :)
 some little bro wants to help with goody bags :)
 he was not welcome to help...he kept messing with things...but the bags were done in about 5 mins.  easy.
 heart pancake bfast/dinner...not lacking for sprinkles :)
 cute gang :)
 they wanted their own pic...
 then loggy wanted his own :)
                                                she wanted to help make the "grass" cupcakes
sleeping on the job...rather, I was should know that one thing I hate about cakes is frosting...I hate getting stuff on my hands...and why I hate buttercream.  Also hate green coloring.  Both together make me grumpy. And Ash broke the bag in two places and it was going all over. Not the best end to a sleep day.  Off to bed...zzzzz

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