Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Bday, Pops...and finally Friday is here! :)

 Well, first off, Happy 6-7 to my dear ol' dad and awesome Pops!  He decided to spend his bday up in the colder country (MI) and from what I hear he worked pretty hard today moving furniture.  He's a tough ol' Pops...out working hard even in his old age :)  Here's a few pics that make me smile...of Pops the pigeon whisperer...
 And the shark wrestler :)
 And the athlete...who is also top Pops and will run with his cross-country training granddaughter on the beach even with old 66 year old legs :)  If you don't know ol' Pops, he might seem like he's rough and tough, but he is truly a softy at heart.  Love this old guy!
 And here's a picture review of our oh-so-exciting day.  Loggy finally got a haircut.  I decided to do it right when they opened so he was less awake...and it worked.  He didn't even say a word to the stylist and no tears.
 LOL!  This is how he clutched onto me almost the whole time. Bless her heart for being able to cut hair like this!
 The only two words he said were "thank you" when he got his lollipop!  He was happy then!
 And giddy with excitement after we were finally done with our early morning errands.  We do not like to shop (either of us) and we do not especially like to go at 9am, especially to Walmart and the dollar tree...two stores that are always busy by us.  But we did our Minecraft bday shopping and were on our way home by 11am!
 Then we chilled for awhile bc mama was not feeling super great.  I worked on invites and we snacked on candy hearts and watched Octonauts.
 He helped me cut.  And he cut a lot of paper into teeny pieces.  I am amazed he can cut like this...
 I fell asleep in bed and before we knew it it was time to get the sibs.  D's job was to get his invites done pronto!  They had to go out today.  Should have gone out yesterday.
 I know I showed this last night, but I think they turned out pretty good.  Bonus is that Kev said they were the easiest invite he's made. 
 The old me would have hand delivered all these today, but the new me decided to let the friends assemble their I put them flat in an envelope and hope they have tape and can figure out how to make a cube. 
 Now if only the party would plan itself. Good thing is...that a week from now it will be over (mostly)
 Still getting postcards!  Fun!  Never even heard of this place!
 Caught Shelb's last dive...whoa!  I think she has 3 of 4 dives down. She is disappointed she is the only one without all the dives down. She will not be diving in her first meet next Weds (only 3 of 10 can dive).  But she hopefully will swim. She is a pretty good swimmer (but there are like 60 swimmers)! And she is very persistent with diving!
 The hwy I drive every day....but today it had a beautiful sunset.  Kev was driving, by the way :) 
 Someone was off to the Valentine Dance at school.  She was going to wear all black and I told her that was bad luck for Vday.  Thus the red scarf :)  This is her "really, you are taking a pic of me now" face :)  She had a busy evening...swimming/diving/a dance/and then to a friend's 13th bday party. She just got home.
 Me and the hubs had a hot date early Vday.  It was PNO (Parents Night Out) at church...we didn't really need it (I sent the kids more for them than us...bc we have a free babysitter now---Shelb) the end we only had an hour or so to go out and we both would have rather been home watching a movie...but...we made the best of it.  We had a cheap date at our fav. chix place!  Chickfila of course!  We only spent $6 total thanks to free food.  Gotta love this place!
 Then we shopped for party stuff for D...and ended the evening at Jiffy Treat...he had his vanilla and me and my choc.  Opposites attract :)
 And back to church to find our kids in the masses.  I never even saw red right in front of me. His new haircut throws me off.  D is up by stage and Ash is behind the guy on the side. They had fun and two of Hailey's friends helped watch them (thanks, Maggie and Hadley!)
And we surprised the kids and got them free Frostys!  Gotta love our Frosty cards!

Glad Friday is here, but the weekend is busy so not super excited about that!

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