Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Steg Game Day/STY Super Bowl!

 Some "snaps" of our Super Bowl day.  Started off the morn with D's fav.  Sour cream coffee cake!  I am getting smart and making it the night before especially on a church day.  Then did some bday carving in the morn--go 11! :)  He was still a little sleepy from his 2am sleepover the night before :)
 This was how I felt too about going to Kroger on Super Bowl day.  But we decided to do some last minute SB snacks for our game-fest at home!
Our yummy lunch from was "souper bowl"...where we buy soup made and served up by our high schoolers for their spring break mission trips.  Our fav., Maggie served this one up!  It was yummy!  Chicken rice and tortilla/taco.

 What Super Bowl Sunday isn't complete w/o a violin lesson. Her new solo (Infant Pagnini is sounding awesome!)
 When we got home, someone had made his famous guacamole.  Ok, not famous, but pretty good if you like green slime :)
 GS cookie time!  We got our cookies back late bc of our trip to NYC...but we wanted most people to have them by Super Bowl, so we had to quickly sort and deliver.  We always make something artsy out of the cookie boxes...this year it was a cookie fort!  We were missing our gluten frees bc of a sorting mishap, but otherwise we have all the cookies.  I hear the new smore is delicious!  We haven't tried it yet!
 Honestly, for me the cookie selling is more about learning to use manners and people skills than actually selling a silly box of cookies you get 50 cents for.  Ash wrote each person a note.  Yes, it took her awhile but she did them all herself.
 Daddy and his mini me!
 Cutest Brownie in the hood!  We only delivered half our cookies, but she did great and we got lucky that it was not arctic temps and raining/snowing this time.
 Silly napping boys :)
 Our SB snacks...I was bummed I forgot the grape tomatoes for the dip snack (football players), but we improved. 
 Ready to cheer on our teams...none of whom were in the SB!
 My fav. is the cheesy dip recipe from my mom. Yummers!
 1st Annual Steg Super Bowl Game Day...We only had 30 mins, which was not enough, but we had fun playing the new Uno game!
 Logan seemed to like the funny cards...this game comes with cards that you write your own rules on.
 Moo like a cow card (D's idea)
 Jump up and down card (Also D's idea)
 We made daddy do it too :)
 Can't remember what this one was? Saying a word over and over...
 Ash did not want to play at all. She can be a party pooper!
 Daddy was getting down! :)  Actually he was pretending to be Hailey the tooting ballerina.  Also, D's idea :)  And we were facetiming her about this time so it was appropriate :)
 STY Super Bowl time...which is all about the wings...and the besties!  Kev looks a little scared by the wings.  We were a little bummed they seemed to have no sauce this year :(  But somehow we managed to eat like 80 still!
 Definitely frightened by the wings.
 The one kid of ours that does not mind bones in her chicken.  Go, Shelb!
 The gang watching the game!  We love our Besties!
 Me and my chicken loving guy!
 Can you tell who won?  Not by the pic!  Dave actually won with 18.5 wings...Kev was close behind with 16.  We laughed bc, Emily, her friend, and myself ate less combined than Dave alone.  Oink oink!  And, yes, Dave got rid of the evidence to make Kev look like the pig :)
 Look what my awesome Bestie made me for my 40th?  Yummers!  It was a red velvet cake with cheesecake in the middle...and white choc on top.  It was delicious!
 I almost dropped it on the ground...but I am still quick in my old age and caught it :)
 Love this bestie girl!  She is so thoughtful and sweet and made me feel special :)
 Someone loved Dave's old toys...a boat and a plane
 It was supposed to be all about football tonight, but I caught two guys playing bball upstairs....and some girls were playing dolls.
 yay, cake!
 Sweet Sophie...she was helping me out from afar
 Me and my boy snuggled up next to me :) Sophie let me borrow her princess crown....not sure she willingly did this, but it was sweet of her regardless :)

 Special art from the artist of the STY fam, Emily. Love!
Not surprised by who won...I knew they would win, even being down so much at the end.  Go, New England. We are fans of the Boston area so I rooted for them. Sorry, Atlanta...I do like your traffic.  Yes, I go by that.
 Hailey's Super Bowl morn...out to brunch in SoHo with friends
 At first glance this looked a little like poopies...but then on zoom-in I could tell it was a yummy French Toast, bacon and bananas?

My bestie gave me some of her pics...some of them comical :) 

 Kev was having camera trouble...I should know better than to make faces...he captures them :)
 I look like I'm pooping, but my bestie doesn't look much better :) the 4 candles and the 0.  Made me feel younger than I am :) almost like age 5 :)
 D kept blowing out my candles!  The nerve!
 Love our special Super Bowl with our Besties. It's the best way to spend the big game night! 

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