Monday, February 13, 2017

Kindness Week, Preschool Vday, more Vday prep and party prep

Well, another brief post with less words and more pics.  It is Kindness Week at school so the kids have to dress accordingly. No idea what this really means, but today was wear pink and red and hearts (kind hearts)...sounds sorta like just dressing up for Vday to me.  Ok, easy.  And then it was Lo's Vday celebration at preschool.  He loved it. And daddy showed up and surprised us.  Cool! I think Loggy had a fun morning. We got our free Frostys for lunch...and made the mistake of doing more shopping (do not go to stores the day before vday if you want to be efficient) We had our heartbreaker pizza dinner a day early bc our big Vday plans are at a fun new place tomorrow!  And we had some yummy bubbly drinks while drinking through twizzlers. Don't knock it til you've tried it.  Ash and I baked all evening and daddy and I colored fondant.  Ash is in charge of vday dessert tomorrow after our fancy dinner. She's excited about this bc Nina Stegs gave her a baking/dessert kit awhile ago and she's been itching to use it...she picked out the desserts and has accessories to decorate.  We also worked on party prep (D worked on minute to win it again).  Never a free moment.  Not many pics of Shelb bc she was busy today...but she did tell me she won her "mock swim meet" tonight for whatever stroke she was doing. She was happy! :)  Wed is the first meet.  Now off to bed.



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