Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lost in the rat race

The rat race is making us weary.  Honestly it's not that we are signed up for too many activities, it's more that we are realizing that as all the kids get older, they are just busier...it's just part of life. It ain't getting easier!  This leaves us exhausted on most days...Tuesdays and Thursdays are our down days bc Mondays and Weds are so busy.

 Lo and I sorta slept in...he, of course, was snuggled up next to me in the early a.m.--his new routine that we are trying to break.  He does like doing his hw...so sweet :)
 Finally we got party thank you's done. I think thank you days are over.  I cannot keep up with doing them.  It's such a nice, old school idea.  Check out that face...he was working very hard stamping his cards for his friends :) lol!
 Chips and Cheese while doing puzzles...nice!
 He is very good at puzzles...almost better than me. He was doing a Spidey one on the floor that was baffling me.  He was very patient and loved trying to figure it out.  I remember Pops having me do puzzles when I was little. I am not sure I loved it, but Loggy would have!
 Someone had her first day of Academic Super Bowl at school. She was chosen by her advanced math teacher...I was excited for her.  Only 5 were chosen out of the school for math.  She'll have two competitions in April.  Fun!
 Trying to deliver more cookies...no luck.  I did laugh that Loggy brought his truck along and would sit in it at doors :)  Good thing this one is Dylan's teacher's. She would have have laughed if she was home.
 Team sport day at school for doing so well at the food drive...go Miami Heat and Purdue!
 Post swimming/diving...eating her wings. She was not in the best of moods.  I think she was more exhausted than anything...she went from school to Academic Super Bowl, right to swimming/diving then to violin...she is now just starting hw at 9pm.  Too much.
Playing her Infant Pagnini super well!
And last night...another shampoo.  She's clean though...just a precaution.  

Just feeling burned by the busyness....

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