Monday, February 27, 2017

My first time being a preschool teacher...and another swim meet!

 Well, it was a busy Monday as usual, but a good one. I got to have my first chance at being a preschool teacher!  I loved it!  My friend, Rene, asked me a month ago to fill in for her so she could go to Disney with her family.  I was thrilled for her and also thrilled for me. I love this preschool and love helping out here...and honestly getting paid for it seemed weird...bc it was so fun!  I was trying to get a pic (above) of Loggy dancing, but honestly seeing his teacher dance in this pic was more fun!  Look at Miss Marilyn go! :)  I love that a teacher can have so much fun at her job! :)  What a blessing she is to these kiddos :)
 I look old and tired (which I am!), but I love this pic of my baby boy...and he loved having mama at preschool all morning.  He didn't even hang on me too much.  The kids seemed to warm up to me too. They called me Miss Rene for a bit, which I said was fine since my middle name is Renee!  But halfway through they were calling my Miss Kelly.  I felt like I was accepted :) haha :)
 My day flew by. I only had 45mins at home and I just put my feet up and did nothing. I have realized I need to do this to brace for busy mornings and busy evenings.  Then I picked up my fav. swimmer and she had her dinner of champs...Wendys chili and a free frosty!
 Then picked these rascals up who were celebrating Dr. Seuss week with Green eggs and ham....also ISTEP testing (for D)...not as fun as Suessy week :)
 Then off to the 3rd swim meet.  First time we took the kids to a meet....also the last time.  Not a good idea.  This silly boy was in good spirits for maybe 15 minutes....of the 3 hour meet.
 Shelb did great....she's in the last lane...doing the relay....she did the breast stroke (2nd person) part of the relay
 Nice form on her entry off the boards
 the captivated audience that were only happy when eating candy :)
 Look who was timing tonight...the all-star Calvin swimmer :)  He was giving Shelb pointers...or rather telling her that lane 1 and lane 8 do not count in the races....and that is all she has ever swam.  She felt a little defeated to know none of her times have ever counted. :(  Why her coaches did not tell her this is beyond me. 
 More pointers....on her breast stroke
 Ready to go...
 Again, nice dive!
 It was coincidental that daddy was timing in the same lane Shelb was in...
 She did awesome in her individual breast stroke.
 4th place (lane 1) out of 6...she really should have been IN the race and not lane 1.  But not for us to decide.
 Not sure what they were talking about here...maybe how it doesn't matter if your time should be trying to improve your time just for yourself.....
 ...this is what was going on next to me...pretty much for 2.5 hours.  Miserable...he was hot, tired, hungry, thirsty, mad, sad, you name it...anything but happy! :(
But it was a good day and good night.  Proud of our swimmer. She's doing a great job!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Shelby!!!!! Nina and Pops are proud of you!!! You are doing your BEST and thats what counts!! LOVE YA!!! :):)

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!