Thursday, February 23, 2017

Puzzles, Flat Stanley in NYC, a grumpy ballerina (not Hays), science night, bball and another swim meet

Pics tomorrow.  Sleep is more pressing. :)

 updating with a few pics....of our morning...I love Thursdays...usually very relaxing...we stay in pjs...and play!  Loggy loves his magnatiles...he's always so creative making things with them.
 We took the Poppi puzzle challenge...and put some of puzzle pieces in a big pile and started sorting!  Loggy was not so sure about this!
 Sweet success...well, sorta.  Half our puzzles did not have all the pieces...and that cheapy Spidey one from the dollar store was not working.  All the pieces fit everywhere but in the end we had too many pieces.  How does that work? That puzzle is going in the garbage!  But otherwise, he did most of them.  He rose to the puzzle challenge!
 Then we played Memory!  It might be the first time he has played it the real way.  He did great!
 He had an interesting way to bring the pieces to me...on a Lego plane he made.
 The mornings always go fast and then our busy evening starts.  Thursday is one of our busiest.  I tried something new and made pancakes before I got the kids from school...but they got a little dry in the heated oven.  Still it worked better for times sake...only 30 mins home after school is not enough time to get ready, eat and do homework.
 Off to ballet.  There are many things about Ash that remind me of Hailey...her attitude is one of them :)  She hates having her picture taken.  Sounds like a certain New Yorker we all know and love!
 Also reminds me of she walks away from me and waaaaay in front of me!
 Kev and I had to conquer and divide with activities...I went to Bedford for the 2nd swim meet.  We thought Shelb would only be in one event. She has to miss practices bc of violin so she doesn't get put in many events. This was her freestyle.  200, I think?  Farthest on the boards.
 Ready to go...

 Hmmm...someone fell asleep on the board :)
 She finally woke up!  But she ended up coming in last (6th) place. She was mad at herself--mostly bc of her breathing in the water.  But I told her someone has to be, yay, for Shelb for stepping up! :)

 At the last minute she was in the girls relay (with 3 other girls).  He she is...ready to go...
                                       Nice form on that dive!
 better breathing...
 Good form.  She was happy with the relay and they got 4th out of 6. Not too shabby.
 Here she is after the meet. She's gotten smart and started wearing her glasses for some of the meet.  Then she can actually see. I don't think she saw me til halfway through the meet.  Love this swimmer girl and proud of her for tackling a new sport with her very busy schedule!
 And while I was south of Bloomy, the rest of the gang was with daddy. The raced from ballet to school for the Science night. Always a highlight.  So I have no idea what these pics are...Dylan doing something eye-related.
 Ash got arrested?  Must have been for her bad ballet attitude :)
 Loggy making animal footprints :)
 Ash and one of her besties doing something messy :)....
later on was bball practice, but no pics of that....
 And Flat Stanley (from Ashley's class) made it to NYC!  He learned how exciting the Manhattan life is!  He went to ballet class (lucky flat boy with a group of ballerinas!) :)
 And Hailey even left her dorm to give him a tour of Lincoln Center...the fountain...and I think she went to Duane Reade.  Wow, lucky flat kid--livin' the exciting New York lifestyle!  Maybe he will talk her into going to Central Park?!  Ash was hoping he'd get to see the Statue of Liberty, but she has no idea how far Hailey lives from that! :)
 A full day...and exhausting day.  But good.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!