Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tired Thursday...

Well, the weekend is almost here...yay is all I can say!  It's the in-between day for my parent's thought I would post a pic of them :)  And also it cheers me to see the blue skies and beach...and makes me smile seeing the birds swarming around...Pops is the bird whisperer if you don't know! :)
Our day was majorly lazy...mostly bc I was majorly not feeling swell.  I am glad it worked out that we could stay home, eat our nachos and veg.
We figured out after an hour how to put this darn thing together. I am no engineer or architect.  But we muddled through and finally got those marbles rolling!  We even used Dylan's new real marbles he got for his bday.  shhh, don't tell him!  And then Logan leaned on this whole thing and it crumbled into a few dozen pieces.  Nice.
Ready for ballet! She is loving it!
Not so enthused I am taking her pic.  She is getting used to her busy schedule...academic super bowl today and swim/dive (dry practice)...she split her time between these.  And then off to core group.  She usually misses this lately.  I'm proud of her for juggling so much. She is turning into me :)
It was officially National Pizza Day today, but it is also Steg weekly Pancake Day...the kids chose this over me getting pizza.  I was ok with this. We sadly have so much pizza lately that we get sick of it.  They love their chocolate chip pancakes!  I'm sure we will have Steg pizza day this weekend.
Logan was in rare form...his new norm?
   Practicing a new song on his cello. He is also practicing for his music program in a couple weeks. 
He also has a speaking part in the music program.  Nice!
 And we made his bday invites tonight (daddy made them, of course).  I think they turned out good...D liked them.  Can you guess the theme?  And what is going on with that hair? :)
I thought our New Yorker would venture out into her 7 inches of snow, but apparently she likes her dorm view and being a hermit.  I guess she also had tons of homework to do since she is behind on her online classes and also prepping for SAT again.  Poor girl. No rest for the weary even on a snow day where there is no school or ballet class.  I hope she slept in at least!  Maybe tomorrow she will send me a pic of the ground if she sets foot on it.  :)

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