Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

 Another successfully unproductive day for me...but maybe I should look at is as "I got the kids all to the proper places on time"...and that should be enough for my productivity, especially on a Wednesday...a Wacky Wed.  It was that day at school...Wacky dress/hair.  D went all out...he always does...he wears both reg. clothes and a swim suit...and he was off to cello before the rest left the house.
 Wacky Ash...she was not enthused about this day...she told me she likes to "look good" and not be wacky.  I get that.  Nice hair though!  Lo had "Souper"Bowl he wore a jersey and brought soup to school to donate to charity.  They also had fun doing Super Bown stuff.
 LOL!  I went to Chapel with him again and boy do they have fun in there...the singing and jumping around was so funny!  I know this is blurry, but he got really into it!
 He was doing all the motions.  It was great.  Fav. part of my day!
 At new preschool he was having tummy trouble. I think he got the bug Ash and I have (had).  He had to visit the nurse's station bathroom twice in a row.  Poor kid.
 I picked up this violinist/swimmer/diver from school...and we got her her regular strawberries and cream! Gotta use up her SB cards!  She's got a ton of money there and is not a big SB girl apparently, even though she asked for the gift cards.
 He was super excited to get to open more bday gifts in the van today.  Thanks, Jorge, Melissa and kids! He LOVED the goodies!
 Dinner...and a very non-photogenic gang!  LOL!  I am proud of Lo...he can now eat almost a full thing of chicken nuggets...all for the prize of a Frosty!  Daddy was on AWANA I got a break from teaching at church tonight.
 I missed most of violin, but I did show up for theory...Shelb was stumped by her major and minor scale.
 YAY!  A surprise for her for doing so well at ISSMA and getting gold!  Joshua Bell tickets!
 We get to see him at the MAC on Feb. 28!  Whohoo!  We are so blessed that he loves IU bc he trained here.  These tickets in NYC (where he lives) would cost a fortune!
 I caught a few glimpses of diving tonight...can you spot Shelb?
 It's neat watching from up above...can you see her?
 Would be pretty good if she pointed her feet! 
 Again, not bad...just those feet!
 I like their team suits.  Fun!

 And our fav. New Yorker...she made her mama happy and send me a few pics today from her performance today. She did a show for school age kids. Love, love, love this!
 So grateful when she sends me pics...makes me feel not so far away and not like I'm missing everything.
That stage just looks so alive and big with the lights.  What an experience it has been to perform there.  What a wonderful opportunity.

That's our glad Feb. is means spring is closer...hopefully the groundhog agrees tomorrow!

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My daughter always get a cotton candy frap at Starbucks. It's not on the menu, but is basically vanilla bean with raspberry flavoring.