Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Worn out Wednesday and Happy Bday to my Mama!

 A few pic updates...I know I have better ones of my mom, but I love these too.  LOL this first one makes me smile :)...this is her in the hot tub at the beach house in the panhandle this summer...she was getting pampered by all her grands.  The boys were feeding her food and the Brooke was giving her a pedicure massage with a lime :) 
 And above is me and my mama on my bday just chilling on the beach. :) 
 And then a few pics of the day yesterday. I love my volunteer time in Ashley's room. Normally she will not be in there anymore during the time I'm there bc her teacher bumped her up to 3rd grade reading time and she goes to the 3rd grade room around the corner, but since I was helping with reading today, she chose to stay.  She is writing some interesting stories...her teacher has been sending them to me at home. I love them. They are scary holiday stories...for instance yesterday she wrote about a monster on Valentine's Day and and today she wrote about an Easter monster.  She is very creative.  And I hope the feather in her hair wards off the lice.  We are over it in our house, but there is a breakout in her classroom. Heaven help me!
 LOL!  Someone was very much attached to mama yesterday at preschool.  He did not want me to leave and was hugging my leg tight when I tried.  He has been extra needy lately.  I think he just wants to hibernate and be at home like me! :)
 Our new Wed. routine. I pick her up at school and we drive through SB and get her a strawberries and cream frap.  Pretty soon she'll have used up her gift cards!
 She can multitask, which was good bc she had a lot going on yesterday (violin/swim/dive...daddy was on duty or I would have had pics...but he did get videos and she did great on her new solo and has 2 of 4 dives checked off)  Thankfully she got her HW done early and could get to bed without tears.
 Bonus!  We were able to buy the Frosty tags!  I think they are $2 each and allow you to get a free frosty every day of the year til Dec. 31st! This will save us a ton of money since we go to Wendy's almost every Wednesday before Awana and usually get 3 Junior Frostys.   
 She was proud to wear her SAB shirt old one of Hailey's...and she was practicing her ballet poses in Wendy's and outside church as it was starting to snow.                                                
I forgot to take a pic of D at Awana, so I'm posting a nice one of him on his bday.  Love this kiddo!
 And below, Loggy got his first note from a sweet.  His friend, Lily, from preschool and church gave this to him at Awana last night.  I love it.  He was sorta shy about it. Lily is the sweetest little redhead and full of energy and spunk.  Love her.

This post will be for tomorrow, but I wanted to at least get it up so I can do it tomorrow. I am fighting a nasty headache and the computer screen is making it worse....

But just wanted to give a big shoutout to my mama today who is celebrating her birth. She is one of the most wonderful people I know, and definitely the best mom...and as I've gotten older she's become one of my best friends.  She is truly one of the nicest and most caring people I know and I hope one day when I am a Nina I am as fun and cool as her.  Love you, Mom!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, you are too kind...but thanks for making my Birthday special with pics from the kids and a beautiful card! It was GREAT talking to the kids on facetime and chatting with you as well!
Hurray for Shelby and her 2 dives accomplished! Ashley looks like she is working on her ballet positions! Go Asher! Dylan, it was wonderful talking with ou last night!! And you too Logee!! Busy times! Love you guys! Nina xo