Friday, February 3, 2017

Yay for Friday!

 TGIF!  That is all I can say!  Here are some shots of the day :)  D was up the earliest, ready for cello duty.  And gearing for up the big bday celebration at school.  He loved his bball cake...and the ball really looked like it was a real one buried in his big cookie.  Fun!  I love that he chose bball...he is really into it these days.  Wish Pops was around to shoot hoops with him and teach him a thing or two.
 And this continues to be how at least half our mornings go...he is not easy to sleep with if you couldn't tell :)  But he sure sleeps like a baby in our bed.  Sigh.
 Someone was not happy about hat day at school.  They earned it for donating so many cans for the food drive.  I told her she should wear a hat into school at least for school spirit.  You can tell she loved this idea.  Her response..."I'm just not a hat girl." :)  Good to know. 

 As you can see she abliged her least til she got in the door at school :)
Lo and I chilled at home. It was nice.  We had a busy errand day yesterday and we needed this morning to sit and chill.  He played with his double airplanes...crashing them into each other with joy! (Thanks, friend T for the new planes...two is better than one especially for boys who liked to run things into things!) :)
 We built a house with a pool and put our boats and planes around it :)  He was a little bossy with mama about where the cars could and could not go.
 We had fun with static electricity! LOL!  The couch is very static-y!
 The balloon stuck to his belly...he told me Deeeyan (Dyl) taught him this trick. Brothers are cool!
 Then it was time to run to school for the big bday big, I mean, "whoa cookie cakes!"...three bdays in one room this week and the teacher asked that we do all three celebrations this Friday. I had a feeling this over abundance of sugar would happen (even though I asked a few times if I should bring something else), but did not expect we would all bring cookie cakes (and one mom brought two)....needless to say this could have fed the whole school if they let us. Dylan did have the idea to offer it to the whole 5th grade which is like 70 kids.  So we did that.  Win win.
 They sang to each kiddo separately.  Cute.  Dylan acted like he did care...he plays it cool :) He's a cool kid!
 Still playing it cool :)
 His teacher got him to smile. She's the best (she's also our neighbor :))  He is a corndog...even at school.
 The triple bdays! 
 D's friends are so sweet...they amused Logan the whole much that he didn't even eat his cookie cake :)  He loves these lego type cube things.
 I got him a post-bday treat.  His fav chip...Cheddar Cheese SunChips!  Yumm!  He was happy :)
 Sweet  Shelb...still working on that back dive. She is persistent!
 Rushing out of swimming/diving to make it to a bday sleepover in Indy!
 Also off to a bday sleepover...looking sleepy already. lol :)
 We took it easy for dinner and let Ash pick the meal...LC it was!  Pizza, Pizza!
 And I promised them oreo shakes!
 And Ash picked out a movie (Storks?  Cute!) 
Weird having less than half our kiddos in the house tonight...but I am happy it's bedtime.  Just wish we could sleep in.

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