Thursday, March 2, 2017

1st Dives in a meet! YAY, Shelb!!! And the rest of our day--good and bad...

This day started off better than the previous.  Thursdays are usually like that.  Someone was all smiles with her polka dots for Seuss Day and her snack mix ready to go to school.
Someone got a special bday card in the mail.  I have to say that I don't know a person who remembers more special occasions than my Auntie Nee in Michigan.  She has always impressed me for multiple reasons (the most imp being that she is a missionary)...but she never forgets a bday or anniversary and she always sends cards...not only to us, but all the Gritz family (which is a lot of people!).  I didn't expect her to send one this year bc we have had a lot of Gritter health issues up north, but she still sent one!  D enjoyed it :)  Thanks, Auntie Nee!
I ate lunch with this cotton candy stealing goofball!
Don't idea what I was doing...but this was the pic we got.  I look asleep with my eyes open :)
Best part of going to Sam's is the free sample machine...the best days are when it's giving away cookies or fruit snacks or chocolate.  But crackers made him happy too :)
He got this car from treasure chest at school yesterday...and he begged to paint it today. I think he has been watching Dee-yan (big bro!) and wants to make a car like his to race in the big race.
Speaking of races...while we were at Sam's we came up with the idea to make the biggest racetrack we could across our kitchen. It was supposed to be around our kitchen, but these tracks don't have curved tracks so it had to go straight!  He was ok with this.
It worked pretty good!
He was pretty happy :) We'll call this Logan's Derby :)
Someone got the BEST news today and texted me at lunch...she was officially going to be diving in the meet tonight! Something she has waited all swim/dive season to do!  (if you remember, she finally was "passed" on 4 dives last night at practice).  Bless her dive teacher for letting her dive it would be her last chance (this was their last normal meet and I am sure she will not be diving in the county meet next Thurs unless someone is sick).  She was on cloud nine!!!!  Here she is after Academic Super Bowl all smiles and off to her meet!
Our fav. ballerina.  Her new thing is begging to wear her hair in a pony tail. I told her Hailey would agree that serious ballerinas at this age don't wear pony tails, but buns. Then she wore a tank top under her leo.  I told her I would ask Hailey about this too.  Hmmm....
And here is the meet!  Sorry the pics aren't great. We have to sit quite far away from the diving well and honestly I think I was shaking a little bc I was nervous for her.  The place is completely quiet during diving and everyone is sitting around the pool staring at you. I would be nervous if I were her! I give her so much credit for even doing this!  Anyway...the pics aren't great, but I had D video tape and that is better anyway!  I need to ask her what all these dives are....Here's her first one. 
And this is a view of the diving well with all the swimmers watching from both schools (we were against Edgewood from Ellettsville tonight but at our South high school)...Shelb is on the board getting ready to do her 2nd dive.  3 judges sit on the other side of the dive well.  One is her coach. 
Dive 2...doesn't look great with the pic I got, but it actually was good upon entry. I think she got some 4's on this one, which is great for her!
Her backward dive, I think?  Not bad!  Wish that pole wasn't in the way!
The last dive is on my other camera...but it was good too. I was so impressed with Shelby for doing all this and so happy she got the chance.  She got mostly 3's on her dives, which is average, but for her first time doing this, I thought that was great!  She worked so hard to accomplish this!
So grateful to our videographer. I know he would have rather gone to cub scout car weigh-in, but since Shelb was diving I needed someone to video tape for me and Ash couldn't since she was at ballet.  He didn't argue. He's such a good sport about things.  Love this kid. I owe him something special for being my helper tonight.  Plus it was nice to not sit alone. Daddy could not leave church since he was in charge of the derby track.  He was so bummed to miss Shelby in her one dive meet  :( :(  Glad we got some video of it!
And because she dove, she was only in one swim event, the 50 breast stroke.  She is in the last lane 8.  I wasn't quick enough to get her dive into the water....
And this was the best swim shot I could get of that lane.  But she did good and got a similar time to last meet's.  I was proud of her even though she was bummed she got 7th place out of 8. (better than last!)
And a few post-meet pics....we had some photobombers! :)
She was smilier than normal after the meet. I think she really enjoys diving. :)
Photobombed by her diving bud...who is an awesome diver, by the way!  One thing I do have to say about the diving is that the team really cheered Shelby on. After and before each dive they were yelling out her name and encouraging her.  Love that!  That is what makes being on a team so fun!
  Sadly, Kev had a rough night. Not only did he miss his daughter diving, but he could not get the derby race track (computer related) to work at church. He is in charge of it apparently.  Last year it didn't work well either, so this does not bode well.  Tomorrow is the big race so he is staying up late trouble shooting at home. Ugh.  I swear...we never get a break. I am ready to throw in the towel on so many things.  It is not worth our stress and time.  Also had a rough homework night and some drama with Ash.  We just need some down time.  I pray the weekend brings that.   One positive of the evening is that it was the last night for the 8-9pm bball practice at church. Soooo glad this is done.  No 5th grader needs a practice that late at night across town!      
And, as promised...March 2 brings a 2nd pic of Hailey.  Love this.  Some sass in her first ballerina days. I think she was only 5 or 6y.o and had just started at IU and gotten this new outfit. I still remember the thank you she wrote my brother and Candy for the "tights" :) (misspelling the word and cracking us all up). But you can tell even then that she had a gift for dance. Love this girl...and miss her every day!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Shelby!!! So proud of your hard work and perseverence! Lookin good out there on the diving board and lane 8! Ashey, you look so pretty all ready for ballet! And logee is busy as ever, building fun things!! Love the track!! Poor Kev, did he figure out the computer glitch??
Meant to say Kelly, how nice you got to teach at preschool! Bet Logee loved it too! :) Go Dylan with your car for the derby! Cant wait to hear all about it!! :) Love you all! Nina xox