Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A busier than normal Wednesday...way to go, Shelb!

 Well, my thought for the day is, "I miss Spring Break". Actually Shelb's violin teacher said it best last night...she said, "I miss the Spring break Shelby"....I agree.  The "spring break" personalities of ourselves are better than the usual crazy, tired, sleep-deprived ones.  But, the show must go on even though we are dragging.  I started my morning hanging out in this girl's class. I didn't really see her at all, but I did get to do fun reading theater with her classmates.  They were a rowdy group!
 Check our who is in the hall outside her classroom....NYC traveling Flat Stanley!  And Hailey's pictures and writing (that apparently looks like a printer)...right next to it. Ash was excited to show it off.  It looked like the other Flat Stanley's didn't make it out of Indiana.  Ours was a big city boy!
 In between preschools I wanted to take Lo to the playground, but it was very cold today so we opted for Target to get his friend a bday gift for a party coming up.  Of course it's all about Paw Patrol...and some Dory :)
 I baked.  I would have rather napped, but the swim banquet was in need of food.  Thankfully I had everything at the house and didn't need to make another trip to the store...bc you know how much I do not love grocery shopping.
 I felt like we ran everywhere today...I hate days like that. Where I am attached to my alarms on my phone and barely making it places...we added in two things to an already busy Wed. and that was just too much.  We were scrambling to get our Awana learned at Wendy's...but we did it. Phew!  I scarfed down my food so I could... Shelb do her new Vivaldi solo...she did great!  The pianist went waaay too fast, but Shelb was awesome trying to keep up.  I think the pianist felt bad bc she ran out after us and told us she would do a slower tempo next time.  Shelb just needs to be more assertive with her speed. But she did great for the first time doing it in class. She also had ISSMA practice today after school for her orchestra group piece.  Seriously...I am not sure this girl could have any more going right's crazy!
 And it was swimming/diving awards night at school. We raced to that and were late.  But we made it in time for her awards. Phew!  So very proud of her...she won the coaches award for best improved in diving.  He only gave out 3 awards and she was one of them.  Very proud of her bc if anyone persevered to achieve her four dives, it was Shelb. When she wants something, she puts her mind to it and does it!  Way to go, Shelby!                   
 I didn't know daddy was in the back taping this and taking pics too....I was glad he made it!
 Some pics of her and swim buds!
 And a pic with the best diver in the city...who's name oddly enough is Logan :)
 More swim/dive pics :)  Such a great team of swimmers and divers.  So supportive and encouraging!  That's how teams should be.

 It was odd to be at an event with just her...but the others were at church/Awana, which worked out good.
 Such great swim coaches.  The one on the left is going to England with her.
 Best diving coach ever.  And a pretty good teacher at our school too :)  He was Shelb's 3rd grade teacher...and Dylan's too.
 Her with her the bulldog...bc everyone has to have pics taken by the bulldog. I think we did this with Hays too :)
And a close-up...can't believe how much she's grown...almost a teenager.  Time flies.  It was a good day, just too busy for my liking.  I need more down time.  And the late nights are aging me greatly.  I am glad tomorrow's daytime is slower. :)

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