Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Fab. Friday! (now Saturday) :)...a slow Friday-day (chattin' with my mama) and spring ballet with my Asher!

 Well, I'm a little over an hour late posting this. So be it.  But Friday was a good day.  I got to veg out with my baby this!  And I got to talk to my mom for like 4 hours!  We never get to do this. It was nice.  We caught up on everything....she listened to my woes, I listened to hers.  That's what mom-daughter-friends are for.  Good for the soul!  Love my mama.  And my Loggy was a sweet boy and just chilled.  He played cars and watched Octonauts...and basically made a big ol' mess of the loft!
 He was so school while we were waiting to pick up...he came over and said, "I just want to hug you, mama".  Seriously, this boy melts my heart.  He knows right what I need when I need it!  Thanks, buddy! 
 We had a nice teacher conference with D's science/history teacher over his forgetfulness and focus...and then we picked up the track star at school....then raced home...
 Pops...any expertise on Hammerheads?  Ash is doing a report on them!  Though I thought Nina told us he had never caught one of these? True or False?
Someone is very excited to be helping at the Middle tonight at the Warehouse.  I guess it turned out she didn't do much cupcake help, but she did have fun at After Hours.
 And I took my Asher girl to the Spring Ballet tonight. She was a little tentative about going to something other than Sleeping Beauty or the Nutcracker...but after Hailey said these ballets would be good, Ash accepted my invitation.  It was fun to get a little dolled up and have an evening with her. We have never done this.
Such a pretty her!
 She abliged me with some pics...I bribed her a little with a fruit snack I had my purse :)  I'm not above bribery for making memories :) And I love pics by the MAC sign and with my fav. red sculpture behind!
 L'Amour Mort...or something like that. I never looked up with it meant.  Does that mean "dead love"  I really don't know and am too tired to google it.
 One more pic :)  hee hee.  I have to torture one ballerina since another is gone :)
 Always the best pics against the red MAC wall :)
 Her best smile bc (what you can't see see) is that she is holding the fruit snack she was waiting for!
 My fav. ballet of the evening. Fanfare! I think SAB had done this a couple years ago for Workshop. I loved it.  I think Shelb would have enjoyed it.  Very cool musical piece.  I did feel bad for the "viola" that got dropped on her back/butt by her partner.  Ouch. 
 Ashley's fav of the evening was Giselle. I didn't think she would like this one, but she really enjoyed the thought and complexity of it.  She got really into analyzing it.  And was very bothered that the dead prince was not actually dead at the end.  I love that she thinks so much deeper about things.
Her idea...get free Frostys for dessert on the way home...and even better...we got 4 for two of us!  Well, sorta...ended up that when we got home, everyone was already home from picking up Shelby and they took my Frosty(s).  I got nothing :(  The life of a mom sometimes :)
 I guess daddy took Lo into the Warehouse when picking up Shelb and he had some fun....this is a cool play area. This warehouse is awesome for kids of all ages
Hays and Barb...doing water coloring tonight for Fun SAB Friday!  Artsy!  Guess who's going to be visiting IU this weekend? Barb!  I hope we get to see her at church!  It'd be fun if she went to IU next year and we could make her our clone Hailey :)


Nancy Gritter said...

It was awesome catching up for 4 hours on the phone!!! Yep, that's what mama/daughter "friends"do!! Boy, sure wish I could have gone to the ballet tonight with you and Ash! Looks like a great evening!Enjoy your weekend!! xoxo Nina

Anonymous said...

FALSE !!!!!?

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Ok, Pops! Thanks for clarifying. Ash may be calling you then. We know you are the family's shark whisperer/wrestler :)