Saturday, March 25, 2017

A lovely Saturday--Nina and Poppy are here, double ice cream (PJ free ice cream day)...

A nice Saturday.  The boys had to get up bright and early to head to cub scout rock climbing.  I think D had fun, but Kev was frustrated by disorganization.  D looks like he did good!
I think the boulder room was his fav.                                     
 I woke up to them playing a Paw Patrol guessing game...something about her guessing which one she'd pick up in her hand while not looking at it. He was amused.  Simple joys.
 No intentions of making bfast, but it seemed like the motherly thing to do :)  Easy enough.
 A lovely day....and they decided to make their own hurdles out of pvc in the garage.  LOL!  Nice form Shelb!
Maybe family hurdles should be a new thing :)
 Nice Asher!
 You can see where this is going.... close, almost cleared that hurdle!
 I had to laugh....Ashley started a "fittens club". (fitness)  Apparently it was a girls only club.  But her fav sister wasn't in it (yet)...she was very clear about who the fav sister was today and she does not live here now :)
 Maybe the ballet gene didn't skip sisters!?  LOL!  Ya' gotta give her bonus points for the dramatic flair! 
 Nina and Poppy are back for a week.  It was fun to see them and they took us out to ice cream at Jiffy Treat! Yumm!
 And after dinner we headed out to ice cream again...this time at Brusters for free ice cream if you wear your pjs!  We did! And it was pouring out when we went, of course.  Nothing like pj's and ice cream in the rain!  Oh the things we do for ice cream :)
He let me stand under his fav umbrella :)
Aww, love this sweet sharing buddy :)
 Then the rain stopped and the rainbow came pretty :)
 D tried a new one...I think it was cotton candy?
 Pretty excited about our free ice cream....we even got free waffle cones if we wanted them.  Yumm!  It was delicious!  They have probably the best ice cream in town.  I got a St. Pat's fudge crunch.  Yummers!
 Proof that daddy wore pjs.  He did not want to...he was willing to pay for his ice cream just not to wear them.  I might have guilted him :) But we showed up and one of our cub scout leaders was also there in his cub scout shirt and plaid pj paints.  And all the daddies were wearing pjs'  Good for daddy getting out of his comfort zone!
LOL!  He cracks me up.  We were bummed to see his is now over 40 inches and can't get a free ice cream every time he goes there.  Oh well! We make tall kids.
Love this family...just miss the one who isn't here.  Just know we ate some ice cream for you tonight, Hays! :) 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yay!!!!!! Free ice cream....I will have what you had Kelly! 👍🍦🍨🍭🍧

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!