Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Weird Tuesday

 Well, Tuesdays are usually one of my fav. days. Not today. I woke up and almost passed out, so Kev send me back to bed.  Thankfully an hour later I was better bc this poor guy above was not.  Kev thought he might have hand, foot, mouth, but none of this was on his feet or mouth...but check out this outbreak...not fun.  It was actually not that bad on his elbows...but it was both of them...
 oh my....check this out....awful! And it was really bothering him...itchy, which is odd bc usually his outbreaks don't itch.  We thought it might be the molluscum he had before, but we were assured that would not ever return after his bug juice treatment.  So....we weren't sure what it was.  We thought about waiting it out, but it started to spread to his hands and palms and was painful so I called the dermatologist...
 Kev was already en route taking him to school, but thankfully the derm is right down the street.  I met him there.  And the boys and I learned about fish.  Actually Loggy is an expert. He watches a lot of Octonauts and he knows many fish names.  He's an aquatic smartie!  It was cool they had a book filled with pics of the fish in the tank.  The boys loved it.
 Showing off his bilateral elbow/knee outbreak....
turns out the NP thinks it's a flat wart...but she said she hadn't seen an outbreak occur that quickly (overnight)...and with that many at once. Might have something to do with a growth spurt and his body not fighting this off bc it was growing.  I don't know.  But she couldn't freeze that many warts without incredible pain, so we are trying a topical for acne.  I hope it works.  This poor boy says they itch and really bother him. I am glad it's not shorts weather here...at least all this is covered up normally.  So odd. He will probably struggle with this wart/virus his whole life.  Darn Steg trait!
 I was grateful I was feeling better enough to take lunch/bfast to our preschool staff.  Kev thankfully picked up the donuts for me since I was at the doc with Dyl.  I did go the easy route and just spruced up Jiffy muffins with real fruit and some crumble topping. They were pretty good :)  Loggy sure wanted those donuts!
 I love this painting D did at school.  He said he was "not good at making hair" so he didn't give us any! lol!  Not to mention we all look the same!  And I think Hailey is driving the blue car away :) Hilarious.  And if D thinks New York is a "long trip", he should count the hours to FL :)  Love this.  I am framing it someday.
 Off to IU to finalize Ashley's MRI study. No MRI this time, but just paper work.  The boys came with us and played.  They had fun (well, Lo did...D did hw)
 I had to post this pic bc it's Playmobile and I thought Lein would appreciate it.  Logan loved it.  Made me think of our fav. FL Playmobile park :) haha :)
 Her fav. part of the study today was getting her own bracelet loom. She has wanted a new one since her old one broke.  And this one came with charms!  Bonus!
 This girl loves to read...maybe even more than Hailey did.  She is reading Heaven is for Real now.  Great book. 
 It was GS songfest tonight at Logan's school.  I was surprised Ash wanted to go....and you'll love this...she told he she did not want to me to go inside and watch.  Remind you of someone else we know?  Hailey used to tell me this :)  Peas in a pod!  But I had to stay since it was only an hour and not long enough for me to go home :)  Can you see her staring at me (right side)?
 Make new friends...but keep the old....and friendship squeeze!  See Ash in the front corner?
 Best part for her was getting the badge...and she told me she wants to be at this school soon just like Hailey...because it's the BEST school and she's smart like Hailey! haha :) We'll see...
no pics of Shelb tonight bc daddy was on swim/violin duty...but she did well at both :)

 A couple fun pics of the lil' Hays....I remember the above pic well (she was a little over 1y.o.)...we had just moved into Nina and Poppy Stegs.  Hailey was always dramatic even when brushing her teeth. She's carrying her favorite blanket.
And I think the above pic of Hailey reminds me of Ash...they do have great similarities.  I remember driving back and forth to JCPenney (an hour away) all the time for portraits.  I don't miss that, but I do miss pics. I never get any taken of the kids anymore.  But I guess I do take enough of my own :)
Our New Yorker is studying hard tonight for the SAT's....seems like she takes one every month...I know she'll do great on Saturday.

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leina williams said...

The Playmobil park would have been fine.... with A/C!!! At least it's a cheap date 😉