Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Wacky Wednesday!

Well, it was the 2nd Wacky Wed. in the row...this time for Lo at preschool (his Seuss Week).  This was as wacky as he would go.  I actually think the hair and face made it wacky enough!  He rarely lets me put hairspray or "product" in his hair bc he likes it flat (like his brother), but today he really got into it. And he wore his shirt and pants backwards and inside out and different socks.  The shirt ended up being too small and busted open at school (which is pretty wacky!) so it was switched out.  He is a crazy wacky boy!       
Lo and his bud, Ike, looking wacky! :)
I got to see this crazy and help assess her language arts skills. All I can say is those 2nd graders need a spring break now. They are rowdy!
I got a hot date with my hubs...and his mini me :)  I had lots of free Chickfila stuff burning a whole on my A-list card (they like me there at Chickfila...poor Kev is on A-list and never gets free stuff...I get it every week!) all this cost us $3 and actually it cost nothing since I have awesome gift cards from my awesome preschool teacher/friends!  I tried a salad there for the first was delish and totally free!  All Lo wanted to do was play in the play area...he never even finished his ice cream. Weird!  I feel very angelic and glowy here :)                              

Two cute kids chowing down :)  Love these guys :)  Glad daddy could meet us for free food!  After this we parted ways...
I have been feeling so cruddy that I went home, thought about nothing else, and took a nap.  Can't remember the last time I did this. It was only an hour, but I slept like a rock. Unfortunately I could have slept all evening so I think the nap wore me out further, but it was a good while it lasted...
Someone had her last swim practice tonight...sorta sad.  She is down there in the pool somewhere....
  She had to leave early for group violin class at IU...but she was smiley and happy to be put in the county meet tomorrow for a relay. We really thought she'd be on the sidelines just watching bc it's 5 schools and like 200 kids swimming.  That's a ton.
Our usual hangout between violin and Awana!
Awana fun...Ash was the only one that got the marshmallow in the bag...and she made her free throw too! 
Poor kid...the wart virus is his hands...and he says it hurts to write and play cello. I feel so badly for him. Not sure this acne cream is working. :(
I found a few fun pics of Hays tonight...she sure was the Steg baby with the most amount of hair.  So cute!  This was her first time in FL and her first time in the pool at Nina and Pops'.  So sweet :)  Looks like she likes it :) 
LOL...Nina G. will never live this down...Hays' first bath in the sink at their house and she looks like she's choking her!  Way to go, Nina!
Yikes, I look like I am 17 here....
Look at that handsome daddy...and that cute chubbster snow baby :)  Just a constant reminder of how time flies and memories are precious!

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