Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ash's 1st Art Exhibition, D's last bball game and a relaxing night at home (finally!) :)

 It was a lovely day...a busy day, but a lovely one just the same.  Just nice to be together as a family (well, mostly...we still miss our minus one :))...but I was happy to not be running kids to and fro by myself. It makes a different to have my hubs around :)  Anyway...I am sitting down to watch a movie with him now (Go, Ghostbusters!) I will have to hope to update these last couple posts with words soon.  It was a celebratory day...celebrating Ash at her 1st art show at the IU art museum (very cool actually...her art teacher was there (love her!) and her art was displayed so wasn't the mermaid like she thought, but a very abstract piece called "sick" that she did when she was having tummy trouble last month.  I thought it was so creative.  She might be the next Picasso!  They even had a nice food reception and gave her a cool plaque and a free art set.  It was very special.  And then off to D's last bball game.  They lost pretty badly, but they worked hard and he got two shots.  I was proud of him. We celebrated our big art/bball day with DQ and then root beer floats, PH pizza and a movie (a weird one called Airborne about odd looking mice and weasels.  I hope more days like this (with even less stuff planned) are around the corner on spring more week!

 abstract photography by Shelb :)

 reminds me of a certain older sister :) leaving us in her dust!

A sweet oldie Hailey picture I found...I think she was like 7 and she had just gotten this matching AG ballet sweet :)  I wish she had smiles like this right now, but she seems stressed to me this much pressure in her Junior year...with SAT's, ACT's all the studying for that (is that really necessary?), AP studying (she got a 96 on her big test she just took!)...and National History Day tomorrow...on top of her online courses that she barely gets around to doing...not to mention I know ballet keeps her busy (though she loves that). I just miss this smile :)  Well, I miss seeing her smile or even her frown in person.  We chatted tonight and we only got a couple not-so-genuine smiles :)  But I know she keeps it all in stride. Just hate to see her not happy in a month that celebrates her being on this earth 17 years!  Life was so simple and carefree and smiley back in the days of AG dolls and matching outfits :)  One silver lining is that she gets to take the ACT with old friends....turns out the ACT in April was full in NYC...and we then realized it was the day she would be home for her spring break, so she will actually be taking the ACT at IU...with two buds.  Home!  YAY!  That should give a little smile to our girl :)  Love you, Hays!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Asher! I like your picture called "sick" ! Looks like a nice little reception afterwards! 👏🏼👍

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!