Monday, March 20, 2017

Back to the Grind--Day 1...First day of spring, ice cream day (free at DQ!) :)....

 Well, it was rough getting back at it so early this morning...we got spoiled sleeping in for a week...and now I am just setting my eyes on summer!  2 more months! would have been an ok morn except poor Shelb's bus didn't come (this has never happened)...and then D was still bumming about his bad grade lecture (and grounding) from last night.  But we muddled through and everyone got to where they needed to go semi-on-time.  It was umbrella day for Lo...but sadly we found out late last night and could not find his Spidey Umbrella and after a failed attempt to buy a cute boy umbrella at Walmart at 10pm, we resorted to this old girly one of Ashley's.  Honestly, he was ok with it. I was surprised.  So at least he had a non-black umbrella for his umbrella parade at old preschool.  It actually turned out to be a rainy morning so the umbrella was necessary :)
 We played it lazy for our inbetween lunch time.  I thought he'd want to go to Chickfila, but he didn't. And it was too rainy for the park (plus it hailed) we just sat in the van and vegged and ate our sack lunch.  He was so sweet. He said, "I know you tired, mama, so it's "otay" to just sit here".  So we did...for 45 the parking lot of new school.  I love that he is so easy going :)  And that fruit snacks make him so happy :)
 This was my job to tackle for the afternoon.  3 days of dishes.  It was almost as bad as when I went into labor with Logan...well, maybe not...nothing could be that bad.  But I like to keep it real on the blog...and this was a lot of the ones I hide in the oven that I didn't take a pic of :)
 Before long it was time to pick up my Shelb from school.  They have switched church core group to Mondays after school, which works good. So we had a lil' SB time before I dropped her off.  She went out on a limb and tried some new things. A iced caramel macchiato (sp?) and they had one sugar cookie left.  Cute!  Much better than the nasty gingerbread ugly sweater she had at Christmas time.
 This was a crazy welcome to spring...odd weather (storm, hail, then lovely 60 degrees and sun)...but the odd thing was these birds in our back lot trees.  They were raising a ruckus!  Soooo loud.  There were hundreds of them.  No idea why...but this happens every so often.  At least they are better than geese!
 GS night...they were entertaining another troop of younger Daisies...which oddly enough was the troop I started.  So they were making food in celebration of Juliette Lowe's bday.  This is proof that Ash can work hard when she wants to!

 Daddy took this while I was at GS...not sure what was going on, but I am guessing there was so mad/sadness going on here. Lo was a little grumpy/tired today after double schools.  He is having a hard time controlling his temper lately too.
 Jazzed about non-pizza night....ok, not really...they liked pizza week (minus Shelb)...Not so excited about fried rice night :) 

 Did you know it was free ice cream at DQ today!?  Completely free...even with toppings!  Score! We did donate to the hospital though.  Still...fairly free!  Large families cannot pass free up!
 Me and my hubs...and our free cones!
 Trying to get a candid shot...and show the very long line of college kids that were standing waiting....a long line.  And the drive through was out in the road at one point.  But well worth the wait!  Plus the weather was nice so that was a bonus.
Showing off the line....and gloating that we were done waiting and eating :)

That was our day.  All I can say is that I am glad Spring is here...sad spring break is gone, which is a bummer, but I love spring, so I'm happy about fair weather on the way.  This was the day Hailey was due 17 years ago.  Instead I ended up having 3 winter least fav time of the year. Go figure :)

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