Sunday, March 5, 2017

D and A singing in church and a lazier day at home...finally!

 I'll be was going to be a "me" day. I need it. I am just coming out of the winter blues...and I needed a day to not leave the house...I had planned to watch the live feed of church and just let Kev take the kids and be social.  Of course, I forgot that D and A had singing rescheduled from last month and it was today...for both services.  What mom can skip that?  So off to church we all went.  They do look lovely in their bright colors :)  Ash was smart to wear that yellow bow bc otherwise I can never seem to find her on stage!
 See that yellow bow?  We sat in the balcony for first service so it was harder to see...can you even spot D?  He is actually behind the screen.  Nice, man!
 It's actually a cool view from the balcony :)  It's our norm spot...just not on program days...but we tried it anyway.  Can you spot yellow bow girl?
 Not sure what's different about this pic, but the stage is purple :) haha :)
 For the last service we sat up close...but Ash we couldn't get a pic of the kids together singing...see that yellow bow?  It's like "where's Waldo?" :)
 Can you spot "shadowy D"? (right corner)

 A & D opposite sides of the stage
 I think singing isn't Ashley's thing.  She is funny when something isn't her thing...she pours little energy into it. At least she's real and not a faker :)
 And the rest of afternoon was spent doing chores, (violin--Kev took Shelb)...and the kids played...D got instructions on proper hand washing of dishes and I am pretty sure the 1/4 cup of soap he put in Shelb's water bottle will keep her water tasting fresh for a year! :)
 Lovely...she is into building multiple layer lego ships lately...though this ended badly bc she could not share with Loggy and in turn she had to remove her legos from his Lego boat.  Why can't we all just get along? It was lots of disagreement today amongst the crew...Kev and I tried to simply watch the end of our movie and they were interrupting every couple minutes.  Sometimes it would be nice if grandparents lived next door and we could send them there :) :)
 A jolly time facetiming Nina and Poppy Stegs in AZ!  I think they were looking at a cactus here.
 2.5 hours of violin today...nice!  The new Vivaldi is coming along well!
 A real dinner tonight that was not tacos, hotdogs or pizza!  But the gang was in rare form.  Shelb tried a napkin trick kinda like the "pull the tablecloth out with dishes on top". It did not work :)
 She was really sure it would work...she did it luck.  But lots of laughs from Lo :)
 We saved a seat for Hays...she needs a good dinner now. It's Juilliard spring break and I guess the cafe isn't serving much. Bummer.  She had a bagel last night for dinner :(  Poor Ballerina.
 Here's a pic of what she could be having. A very yummy dinner...minus fungus...we winged dinner tonight, but it turned out great.  Chicken makes me chipper  :) :)
 Hays could have had the leftovers if she was here....poor girl :(
And daddy even sat down and played legos after dinner.  Lucky boy.                                
 And a couple cute old pics of Hays...I remember this sweet Christmas dress....and how darling she looked in it.  She was 1.5 years old..and we were living in our Bloomy apt.  Life was so simple then.
I was the full time working parent at the hospital...and daddy and Hays had it rough at home...reminds me of Lo and me now...just chillin' in bed.  Hays and her B (bear)...and some ugly doll.  And I remember that awesome red checkered was the best (ugly, but awesome!).  Those were the days.  :)                                 
And here's the life she's living 16 years the biggest city in the country.  It was her big National History Day competition today...her and Ava had been working hard on their "Rosa Parks" presentation for a long time.  I am sure they did great.  She actually went out three times today...that's a record for our dorm-hermit :)  I think the fresh NYC air did her good :) :)

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