Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lovin'/Needin' Lazier Thursdays...

 Well, I just hit a brick wall today. I could barely get out of bed.  But before I did, someone was in our room carrying the big racetrack box (which he carried up the stairs by himself!) and was begging to put together Mariocart.  I wasn't fast enough, so by the time I had gotten downstairs he had already set up part of it by himself (which was really cute...he had the directions out and had figured out how to put the plastic nails in by himself...which was honestly more than I knew how to do.   And he had that car racing!
 Then we made a curvy was the best mama could do (this is really a daddy thing :))....but he loved it and was very specific about it leading the car into the water (aka the blue rug :))
 Well, I finally did it...I went and messed up our fav. snack.  I thought it'd be yummy to try the nacho cheese instead of cheddar. He was not pleased with the change.  He let me have the whole plate myself after asking, "is this different?"  I could not deny the change.  Way to go, mommy! Why mess with a good thing?!  Dumb.
 He worked really hard on his friend's card...and the party isn't even til next weekend.  But he loves Paw Patrol so that was incentive.  He made the cutest racecars on it all by himself :)  Thumbs up, buddy!
 While I was getting ready he dragged the whole racetrack upstairs by himself...he is Mr. Independent!
 The day flew by with nothing to show for it...but off we went to pick up each at a time. First Ash...all by herself bc Dylan had running club.  Then Shelb...she had Academic Super Bowl.  She is going a little math crazy here :)
 Then off to track! First time doing it at South. I think she is officially a hurdler and a long jumper!  Plus she will run.  Way to go, Shelb!
 Our stubborn bunhead! :)
 And then daddy took the track girl home and I took the kids to half of Math Magic night at school.  Dylan just loves this magician guy. He made the balloons for us at the one Christmas party we went to and he is pretty hilarious.  Cracked Dylan up and totally cracked Logan up. Ash was bored. She is above magic tricks apparently.
 So I took her and Loggy out to the math area.  They had some cool stuff.  Pretty much Logan just wanted to eat these...
 I told her she looked like the Man with the Yellow Hat, minus much yellow :)
 Last year we won this container of cheeseballs!  Will we win again?
 Diggin for numbers...though he was more into the dinosaurs than the numbers.
This guy did hardly any math stuff, but he did get chased by the girls!  They are good girls though so I'm ok with that...and he did a lot of the chasing too :)  He's a goofball!
Awww, love!  One of our most fav. teachers....apparently it's not cool to hug in 2nd grade...but since she was our awesome Kinder teacher, we let her :) 

I have realized I need the lazy days amidst the craziness or I cannot make it through the crazy.  I am ready for the weekend, when life is slightly slower...though not enough....

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