Monday, March 6, 2017

Manic Monday...but no pics to really prove that

 It was Monday...a gloomy Monday...very, very rainy and very, very gray.  What else is new?!  I don't think anyone wanted to go to school.  But like it or not, we went on our merry way.  It's Dr. Seuss week for Lo at preschool.  Not sure why they are doing it this week when his bday was last week...but that's ok.  Can you guess what day it was? Silly Sock!  These are the silliest socks he would wear...a monster and Paw Patrol.  I think the kid wearing them is sillier than the socks. I think he watches his older bro and his corny humor and is becoming a clone of that :)
 In between preschools we did some shopping...can you guess what we are prepping for? 
 And before we knew it the day was done...and Ash was off to Brownies...
 And Shelb was done with swim and dive practice.  I never even got out of the van to get her today...the rain just kept coming down and I wanted to stay in my my nice dry, warm van :) gray.  I am not sure if I can take much more of it. We did get spoiled in Feb. with some warm and sunny days...and now we pay for it in March.  The first day of our spring break (Saturday) it is supposed to snow.  Good grief. I might be heading to FL or AZ then with 4 kids. I hope Ninas and Poppies are ready!
 One happy moment of the evening was our dinner.  It was school dine and donate night at a place that is actually new and by our house (BBQ train)....turns out it's a bar and not suitable for kids, but we were doing take-out anyway....and the pulled pork sandwiches were awesome.  So nice to have an easy, but non-pizza/hotdoggy dinner!
 And here's two oldies, but goodies of Hailey....back when she was 5 months old.  LOL!  Look at those big eyes. She was a bundle of cuteness.  She actually had blue eyes til she was almost 2, then they turned green.  She was a doll baby!
And every teen likes to see naked baby pics of themselves posted for all to see ;)  Here's a nice one of her taking a tubby bath in our old GR home.  Time sure does fly by....seems like only yesterday it was just the three of us in 17 years later, so much has changed....


Nancy Gritter said...

WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on DOWN!!!! haha Just in case you cannot take the gloom and doom in In the Fl retreat is ready and waiting!! :):) Wouldnt that be cool????????? :) Nina and Pops...xoxo

Corie Farnsley said...

Interesting that the school dine-and-donate would be at a restaurant not suitable for kids! :-) Glad to visit your blog again after a long absence! I miss you and your family! We must get together soon!