Thursday, March 16, 2017

My sweet now almost 17!

Well, we had a very busy day, but I would much rather focus on my sweet St. Pat's baby turning 1-7 tomorrow, than our busy day.  I will post pics of this day later on...but sleep is much more important right now.  I look at pics like this and I cannot even believe she has grown into the beautiful young woman she has...out on her own in the biggest city in the country.  Never did I think that I wouldn't have her home at age 15, 16, 17...when she was snuggled in my arms like this.  You just never know what God has in store for your babies when they are born.  But He has great plans for all of them.  And it's fun to think back to this moment and see how far she's come.  Love this little baby girl who is all grown up now.  Sad that I am not in the city she is for the first time in her life, but happy she is fulfilling her dream.  Have a great last few moments of age 16, Hays.  Your mama loves you and misses you!! :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

Your Nina and Pops miss you too Hays and simply cannot believe you are 17! I remember when this baby picture was taken because I was right there! What a special and exciting day that was! You were the most beautiful, sweet granddaughter and our first! Wish we were there to help you celebrate the BIG day! Have a wonderful Birthday Hailey! 🎉🎂😍❤️ Xoxo Nina and Pops
PS it's now 12 midnight and it's your official 17th birthday..ENJOY!