Friday, March 17, 2017

Our "green baby" is 17!

Well, pinch me even if I'm wearing green, bc I cannot believe my lil' St. Pat's Baby is now 17.  This especially hit me tonight when Ashley said "Hailey is almost 20!" :)  True (especially to 2nd graders who like to round numbers :))  At any rate...I have no idea how we went from this precious, crazy haired newborn... this beauty that has graced NYC with her presence :)
                                                                                          How did we go from this...very naive and clueless parents (also very tired from 2 days in labor...Kev might claim he was more tired from 2 days of me not letting him sleep)... :)
 but very happy...
very, very happy :)
 ...but even more blessed 17 years later by a girl who is not afraid to change her whole life and chase her dreams...
....we might be very, very tired parents now...and a little lonely minus one in our household--hence me clutching her cardboard head (today on her bday...yes, we went to Indy to celebrate :))...but we are very, very, very happy...and very, very, very, very proud of our 17 year old...
This is how we celebrated...she lit candles on Magnolia cupcakes in her dorm room...then we lit some for her in our house...(more pics later)...and we took a nice selfie pic of us with her :) 
I think our sweet 17 year old had a good day. It wasn't a day off for her by any means, but she said she got to spend it with people she liked (probably more than she likes us...and I told her at least she didn't have to watch a parade in the cold and stare at green water, while her mama paparazzied her! :))  I think she even had some fun today...I heard she got some kind of potty stool for pooping?  I still need to google this thing, but she assures us it works :)  And she got some Irish breath spray to help her talk like she's Irish.  Handy!  She has funny friends for sure!  I think she felt very loved and I know I got a bunch of texts from friends/family who were thinking of her.  That was so sweet!  I am sure I am probably the one most emotional about my first time away from my baby on her bday....but I kept myself busy and didn't shed a tear.  That was a small miracle.  Bc every part of me wanted to drive to NYC yesterday and be there today to see her. But I restrained myself :)

All I can say is that I am so blessed by this girl.  Kev and I were totally clueless 17 years ago when she came into our lives.  We were still kids ourselves in many respects. But somehow God smiled upon us and gave us this little, sweet Hailey.  So easy wise even at a young age...such an old soul in a young body....never afraid to take chances, never afraid to make changes, never afraid to reach for her dreams and use the life God gave her for His glory.  It pulls at my heart every day that I cannot watch her grow up, but at the same time my heart is content knowing she is fulfilling her dreams and following through the doors that God has opened.  I just know her 17th year is going to be an amazing one!  And how can it not be...she turned 17 on the 17th day of the month and in the 17th year of the century!  That is extra lucky for an already lucky green baby! :)

Love you, My Hailey Nicole! :)


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