Monday, March 27, 2017

Sleepy Rainy Monday

 Well, the day was mostly dreary and rainy.  There was some sun that peaked out, but not enough to lift my spirits. :)  But I must say I just decided that was a sign to rest.  I came home from dropping kids off at school...cleared my mind of "to-dos" and just took a nap.  And I slept good.  The kind of good where you never move and you wake up with the pillow marks on the one side of your cheek :)  I needed that rest. It got me through the rest of the day.  We had the best time at the park in between preschools.  Lo loves this park and we had it all to ourselves today.  We shared cheese bc we both love cheese.
 And he just snuggled up next to me on this park bench and we ate and talked and bird watched. It was nice.  The weather was, but not rainy and nice and quiet.
Then we played hide n seek.  Loggy is pretty good at this on a playground where there is not a lot of hiding places.  Can you spot him?
 So funny :)  He was a good hider and seeker!
 I did stump him by hiding in the slide...but he slid down and found me :)
 I picked up this middle schooler and off to SB we went...she was back to her normal drink...and then we raced her off to core group.  Turns out she was the only one that showed up.  But it was nice of her leader to still do the study with her :)  We were supposed to race off to track practice, but they canceled prob. bc it was supposed to rain, but it never did. Oh well.  We won't argue with an unexpected night off.

 We actually had a normal dinner was lovely.  Though there was lots of bickering over eating.  Apparently Shelby has now taken over the razzing of Dylan for his chewing...thanks, Hays!
 Huge drama over eating one piece of chicken and one piece of corn.  The sob session was over the treat. He said at first he didn't care about the treat, but then when I set the whole box of fruit snacks on the table, he lost it.  He could not bear to not have them.  Mama knows what will get to him!
 After fork feeding the corn and chicken to him, he won his reward...and he was so sweet to give us each a bag of fruit snacks too. He is such a honey!  He even saved one for you, Hayeee!!
 Someone is getting ready to go to Honey Creek.  She was fighting wearing the bonnet, but we bought it years ago just for our girls to go here and she is the last girl, so she is wearing it!  I guess I forgot she really does not like hats.  She would have been one unhappy Laura Ingalls on House on the Prairie! :)
 His 2nd treat that I promised him.  A frosty!  Turns out the Wendy's by us knows the small print on the Frosty cards (which we did not know)...and you have to order something from the menu to get the Frosty. Darn.  Daddy got a chili, but he was not willing to get 4 other things so we could all get Frostys.  Good thing our other Wendy's doesn't know this rule. Not that it matters. On Wednesdays we order more than 5 things.
 All smiles over his new pink toothbrush from preschool. It was dental health day today and they all got free stuff from a dentist. Apparently Logan traded his friend for the pink one. Nice!
Someone is bringing in the black tip jaws tomorrow to show off in 2nd grade.  Thanks, Pops...glad we have these!  And special thanks to Shelb who is lending them out (somewhat reluctantly) for the day :)

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