Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Break--Day 1...Sleeping in, movies, relaxing, and Ashley's day out!

Well, I could get used to this. No schedule.

 Kev and I slept in til after 9am...yay!  And the kids didn't bother us...double yay (or rather quadruple yay!)  I had made them coffee cake the night before so they could eat easily.  We came down to them watching Octonauts.  Something "new". haha :)  Loggy must have talked them into it. :)  Kev and I promptly ate bfast and went back up to bed to watch the movie we mostly slept through last night (The Accountant)
 I wanted to do this yesterday, so I made sure we did it today....made a "wish list for Spring Break".  Loggy was very cute writing his own name on his. And he was so sweet.  All on his own he said "go to New York and say hello to Hayeee".  She might not have appreciated that we went there last year on her bday, but the rest of the kids loved it.  They love their missing sister.
 Ash...leave it up to her to put something on her list about Shelby...and then Shelb had something on her list about Ash.  Good grief. The ever-arguing sisters.
 The finished lists.  Mine was pretty simple :)  The kids said I put one thing, but with 4 synonyms :)  I guess I really only want one thing!  Not sure going to Colorado and Hawaii were realistic expectations. :)  We'll see if we can get some of these things accomplished! :) 
 Making the wish lists caused an argument...this is not unusual.  First corner-standing of spring break :)
 LOL!  This was on her clean!   Mostly she wanted Ashley to clean up her stuff...and then she wanted us all to clean up the house. I do agree.  One thing about a stay-cation that stinks is your mess is still staring you in the face.  But it didn't stare at me too much least not to the point where I felt I had to do anything about it.
 At-one with the laundry pile...the only chore they did today.
 It was our date afternoon with Ash. She asked first, even though an older sister wasn't happy about this.  Off to Orange Leaf first.  We haven't been in probably 2 years...but we enjoyed it. Ash shared her 3 different flavors with us.  Yumm!
 Then off to shop. The girl loves to shop.  She had been waiting/begging to go get her black leggings (the same ones she put a hole in a couple weeks ago and sobbed and sobbed).  She was one happy camper! She really wanted this pink jacket, but they only had an XL...way too big!  I do like the color. She likes bright colors like her Nina Gritz!
 I think we found the perfect Easter skirts!  We could all match...they even had enough for Shelb and Hays!  I do love this color!  I was trying to do a ballet pose, but I do not have ballet in my bones :)
 Nice. Thanks, Ash!
 This one was for Hays...we found cute matching St. Pat's skirts...if we were coming to see her we'd get matching ones...and the headbands were even cuter, but you can't see them really well here.  We love to rock the green for our fav. green bday!
I had planned to make dinner, but we were out with Ash til 7pm. We just decided to get pizza again!  I think it might be our goal to have pizza (this time, Little Caesers!) for dinner all 9 days of spring break! lol. Why not?!  And we let them watch a movie again too on Netflix (Minions)  They were happy. Simple pleasures.
She was so excited about her new leggings and her new swim suit that she got with all her own gift card money...all ready to go to Holden Beach this summer! YAY! 
 And, of course...ending the post with a few sweet pics of Hays with my fav....Love this pic...her and my gma Fergie.  Love, love, love :)  Both so happy....simple joys.  Wonderful memories.  That she knew my grandma and my grandma knew her. Means the world to me. I still feel like my gma Fergie lives in Hailey as evidenced by her love for ballet.  She would be so proud of Hailey.  An appreciation for the arts, especially ballet, was passed down from her, to my mom, to me, and now to my girls...
 Not even sure where this pic is taken, but so cute of Hays with my cousins, Celyn and Eric.  Time sure does fly. They are all grown up now.
 Awww, love this.  Our first trip to Disney...she was just 3 years old.  Such great memories there. 

And this sweet girl will be 17 in just 6 days. She survived yet another SAT today in NYC.  Never did I think years ago that she'd be taking all her college tests in the biggest city in the world.  God has His own plans! 

Now I am off to watch Sully with my hubs.  This movie hits a little too close to home with a daughter who flies out of LGA every few months. 

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