Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Break--Day 2...loss of an hour=a sleepy morn, Shelb's day out :)

Well, the loss of an hour hit us hard today, especially since we had volunteered for church and had to be there early already....essentially we got up like we normally would for school. No fun.  But we made the best of it....
the rest of these pics are out of order....that's kind of how the day felt...unorderly

 It was Shelb's day out with seemed a little dejavu....we hit the "leaf of orange" :)  Oddly this is probably the most we have been here ever. I think I have only been here twice twice in 2 days.  What is the world coming to for a girl that really likes ice cream not froyo!  Oh how we miss Cold Stone!  But they do have a delicious white choc. strawberry here...yumm!
 Then back to the mall/Target....we found some new, fun skirts and there were I would have to opt out if Hays wanted to wear this. It would be a cute Vday matchy outfit for my three girlies!
 Oh my...did you know they had these old 80's Strawberry Shortcakes back in the store???  They smell so good!  I was a bit nostalgic! :)  Shelb thought I was weird.
 She just could not find much at the stores that fit her or that was her style. She is as fussy as Hailey. She likes no glitter and bling and really likes plain and simple and she likes sports attire...more athletic.  We went everywhere, buts she only found something at Old Navy...sporty leggings and a sport jacket...good for track which starts next week!  She would not take any pics after Target so this is all I could get...some artful pics :).  She said I was embarrassing her.  That does not sound like me!
 Some abstract pics :)
 We found some metallic wonders for her and Hays.  Though I think I like the gold one for if only my hubs would dress up and take me out...he is more a jeans guy :)
 Of course, no trip out is complete w/o our strawberries and cream frap. :) 
 And you guessed again!  We were serious about trying all the pizza places in town over spring break. This time it was Pizza X.  Probably the best yet. We love this place.  And D had his first babysitting experience...watching his little bro and sis while we were out with Shelb.  Age 11 is usually the time we try this out. He did good!  Thumbs up!
 Pretty excited about pizza again and getting to watch it in front of the tv!
 Jamming to High School Musical 2! Shelb had been wanting to watch this for days!  Ash wasn't pleased...she says the Trolls music is better!
 Back to the was PJ day at church...always is, when it's time change day :)  Nice and no stress over dressy attire in the morn!
 Our sweet group at church (yes it is the same room as preschool...we feel we live in this room!)...and Ash stayed and helped us :)  Kev says it's the rowdiest group we've had....I didn't think so. The boys were wild though :)
 Sweet boy...he decided his room was just too messy...he cleaned it up without being asked and you can actually see his floor and desk top now.  Nice!  I cannot wait to get these bedrooms situated this summer...get them painted and stuff on the walls finally...we have lived here almost two years and I want us to feel more settled.                            
 Bless her heart!  She cleaned up the whole loft by herself w/o being asked.  I could get used to spring break kindness like this!

 Might be the last pic we see of our 16 year old before she turns 17! :)  I love the genuine smiles we get from her on facetime :) :)
Cleaning up his messes. He is a big food crumb messmaker :)
And a couple sweet pics of my almost 17 year always thought this above pic was so funny of intently looking at me with her blue eyes...but then I noticed daddy today in the pic :) hahaha....sooo funny :)  And the below pic is one of my favs of her first bedroom in the knitted outfit from Great Grandma Stegs....the hat was made by someone else....but it was darling on her....soooo cute. I kept this outfit.  Loved it so much on her :)  She looks like a doll.

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