Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break-Day 3--sleeping in very late, and a snowy, tent kinda day plus sister/mama moodiness :(

Well, staycation is starting to get old about now. The dishes are starting to pile up, the laundry was caught up, but is now a mound again, the kids seem lazier than normal, and the weather just plain stinks.  I was excited last week, when I saw it might snow.  We haven't had much this winter and if we had to be home on spring break at least we could maybe play in it. Not-so-much.  Snow in March in Indiana does not amount to much.

Anyway...this is our ho-humm day.

 I slept til almost 10:30.  Wow.  I wish I felt rested though. I had nightmares all night long and just didn't get a restful sleep.  So 10 hours of sleep felt like 5.  But I am grateful my kids are all at an age to let me sleep.  They were just chillin' on the couch watching cartoons and playing on ipads and eating animal crackers.  They apparently thought I would make them bfast.  I told them if it gets this late they are on their own!
 A moment of peace amongst the usual quarrelsome duo.  This lasted most of the day til evening when one broke the other's lego lighthouse and it all went downhill and they had to go to bed early.  Fun times!
 Snow did put a smile on his face :)  But given his outfit, I think he would have rather been in FL :)
 We didn't get much accomplished today, but I did finally get the vday clings down and the St. Pat's ones up!  Lo helped.  Now the only thing missing for St. Pat's is our "green baby" :)
 Thumbs up for snow!
 It was pretty coming down, looking out our back window
 We decided to make a tent...I think Shelb did most of it.  She had the idea to make everyone rooms with different sheet the rooms are all divided up and then they had an open area in the middle to watch tv. Genius.
 A view of the rooms :)  Lo had to put a huge pile of his junk in his :)
 I think there was something going on with money...they had to pay to get into the house and sign-in. At one point they had bells too as a doorbell?
 Shelb brought in pets to her home...they are injured apparently
 It did look cool outside...almost like waves of snow on the grass.  Honestly I am over this gray sky and cold weather.  If it's going to be cold, it needs to be white and completely snowy out...or just turn to spring and be warm.
 I truly was going to order pizza again...I had the MCP coupon sitting out, but Shelb was not into pizza again.  But when she saw this dinner, she wasn't jazzed either. I think she wanted Chinese. Anyway....but we had a St. Pat's-ish meal....crescent dogs in the shape of a shamrock...a pot of gold corn and I tried to make the french fries into a shamrock too, but too hard.  We had some sprite/koolaid too.

 I have to say I am amazed that acne ointment worked on D's warts.  His elbows are completely cleared up and the knees are not far behind. The bad thing is the ointment is now burning his skin to the point of bleeding tonight.  Poor kid.  He can't win.                            
 An oldie of Hays....back in the tappin' days when we realized she was more suited for ballet.  She was almost 4 here.  She used to tap in our kitchen.  :)
Here she is tonight...chillin' with Barb.  She had just gone to the SAB Honor Society which she was invited to due to good grades.  One good thing about this is she gets better food than the Cafe serves....I think it was pizza and pasta. So at least one Steg had pizza tonight! :)  Tomorrow she has no school or ballet due to the impending blizzard on the way to NYC.  Lucky girl.  I just hope food service is open. Sounds like NYC is shutting down tomorrow. 

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