Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Break--Day 4--library, more pizza, Dylan's night out...how can the days fly by doing nothing :)

It's amazing to me how fast the days go by even when you do what you feel is very little....
We are almost halfway through our break and I feel like I am just posting the same ol' pics. Nothing too exciting, but honestly I am ok with that.  It means we are resting and not DOING much, which is what we need to do.  Just wish there were more hours in the day to rest :)  I didn't sleep in today, but by the time I did get out of bed, the kids had already done laundry and dishes....nice.

 Had to run Shelb to school to work on a BTV video project with some school friends.  I think it's great her teacher takes time out of his vacation to do this. He's always been like this even when Hailey had him.
 Ran the other kids to the library.  Mostly, I went bc we had movies from 3 weeks ago I had to return. And mostly they went bc they wanted new movies.  We do love books too, but the movies are really a draw!
 Loggy ran into his fav church friend there!  They played trains together...
 And even Dylan and our church friends played together.
 I didn't even realize what he was doing when I took this pic...but he and his bud are peas in a pod...rowdy boys!
 Had to ride the bear with all our books and movies :)
 She stayed home from the library and caught up on violin.  Trying to memorize her new Vivaldi to be ready for solos in April.
 I love that they can play...that they have time to do it and they get along...these three at least :)
 And you guessed it...pizza night again!  I know Shelby wasn't jazzed, but when she saw it was Monroe County, she was happier. It was yummy!  And better yet...very few dishes.  This is really why I like pizza nights!
 Then it was D's night out....he pretty much chose the same route his sister's chose b/c really Bloomy has no other shopping hot spots.  Target.......on a mission to find a Wii game.  Sadly, they make very few that aren't WiiU...and we don't have any current gaming systems bc our kids really have no time to play.  So, no luck at Target.  Those many gift cards will be saved...I told him to save them for another year and add to them and buy a new gaming system.
 Off to the mall game store to look at used games...
 Jackpot! A Pokemon Wii game...he is so excited to play it tomorrow. He really wanted a Minecraft one, but I don't think they make one like that.  He was happy with Pokemon!  Special thanks to Aunt Terry and Uncle Harry for the Visa gift card that helped pay for it!  It's been so nice using all gift cards on these shopping sprees for the kids!                                    
 Then off to one of his fav. places...Barnes and Noble.  He had two gift cards burning a hole in his pocket from Nina and Poppy Stegs.  He debated between Minecraft Legos, the game Trouble or Risk, but in the end he got a Pokemon book, a Garfield book and two Minecraft ones. He was very happy!                                            

 Daddy tried to talk him into this game (daddy's fav on the computer and apparently they have a board game now!)...but D wasn't exactly thrilled :)

 Then off to the place that I am pretty sure we are keeping in business over spring break! Orange Leaf!  He piled his cup as high as he could with cookies and cream and gummy bears! :)  Love this funny boy! :)  We had a fun night with him, but I think I prefer day trips. Daddy and I were tired by 9pm!
And my sweet Easter Hays...her 2nd Easter (she had just turned 1).  It was a wonderful one in FL. I remember this well.  I think my grandma Fergie had given her a basket of chocolate and she ate right through the foil wrapper to get to it!  A girl after my own heart...loved chocolate even at age 1!  16 years later she is held up in her dorm room for her snowy day off that was pretty much a bust...I think NYC got very little snow and mostly freezing rain.  But she enjoyed being lazy and not having school or ballet.  Wish she'd ventured outside to get some pics and fresh rainy air, but I am sure the almost 17 year old me would have done the same.  Love you, Hays!  Enjoy your few remaining days of 16!


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