Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break--Day 5--No bfast, lunch date with daddy, running around, violin, and Logan's night out!

Well, this felt a little like a normal day...too go-go-going for me. Started out ok.  I had a terrible night sleep so it was nice to at least have a lazy morning.  The kids did chores pronto and we quickly realized we had no bfast food.  Stellar mom moment.  Well, let me clarify...we had waffles, but no whipped cream. So no one would eat them.  Fussy bunch!  We figured things out.  D moved on quickly to trying out his Pokemon was a hit! 
Shelb made her famous blueberry muffins close to lunch time. They are soooo good! 
Ash trying out a new talent...or rather just avoiding doing her laundry :)
This guy was begging to play with me.  Love him. He had built a secret garage for his cars and airplanes. 
I decided we just needed to get out a bit...probably a bad move...bc we had one fiasco after another at lunch. But we did enjoy our Chickfila...and paid nothing for it thanks to awesome and generous gift cards from our fav. preschool teachers!   We did enjoy meeting daddy for our lunch date though!
Free ice cream! I love that they let you trade your kid's meal toy for this. They enjoyed it. Well, Loggy ended up with two bc he dropped his first one right away on the floor and then tried to eat it.  Notice he is holding his up like the statue of liberty. This was for his Hayeee! :)
It was hoppin' in this Chickfila...always is.  Not my fav. place to be during the lunch hour bc you run into people you know and every mom group is there. I have found I just don't need that anymore....I prefer to be anonymous :)  I guess I'm getting old :)  Anyway....we did have fun in the play area. And then the older sibs caused a big soda spill and an argument and we left in a huff. I can't take them all places together apparently.           
This girl got invited to a friend's at the last minute. She was happy! :)
LOL...I came back to pick her up and found them dog walking...and then the one dog got out of his collar.  So funny to watch them squealing and scrambling to catch a dog.  Notice Ash is pulling a Hailey...avoiding me :)
Violin!  Another lesson.  No rest for musicians even on break!  But we appreciated her teacher doing a lesson. She was much more awake today than her normal Tuesday evening lessons.
This kid loves scissors!
Emily had this box of desk treasures and he went right for the scissors.  He actually cut this out right on the lines. I have never seen a 4 year old do this so well.
We had left him alone playing Pokemon...we came back...still playing Pokemon :)
Doesn't leftover pizza for dinner still count as a pizza dinner?  Sure!  He was happy :)
Then it was Loggy's night out.  He was so, so excited!  Right to Target...and right to the Paw Patrol area!  He told daddy he wanted "three paw patrols"
He had two gift cards burning holes in his pocket....and he knew right away what he wanted...he couldn't really afford 3 of them, but 2 was fine...he was so happy about these...especially the pink one! :)
Struggling to hold his purchases :)
Ready to check out!  Being independent and pushing the cart himself!
Checking out on our own with our gift cards :)
I found a couple quarters in my pocket and thought he'd want to ride the rides in the mall....but he really just wanted candy! :)
Giddy over sugar!
Looking for new tennis shoes...he almost has a hole in one of his.  Target didn't have much.  Off to Payless we went...we tried to give him stickers to wear, but he wanted US to wear them! :)
Daddy taught him to throw the shoes to see them light up. Nice, daddy!
He really wanted these Paw Patrol shoes. 
Throwing those shoes again...great example, daddy :)
And zooming across the mall with his new Paw Patrol.  Reminds me of Hailey leaving us in her dust!
On the way out we bought donuts with some of the rest of his gift card. Gotta have bfast tomorrow so mama doesn't look like a loser since I never made it to the store today!
Awww, love.  :)
And then off to....drum guessed it! :)  Orange Leaf!  His sibs talked him into this. I really thought we'd get him to eat ice cream, but no way...he was dead set on yogurt. He piled that little cup high with goodies.  He was all smiles.  And the best part for us was it was free!  Seriously...these 4 outings with our kids have been the cheapest ever. I think we spent like $10 tops.  And it was fun, quality time :)
Such a happy boy all the time. Loved our time with him.
They have this cool connect 4 game in the back of orange leaf.  We had to play!
We raced daddy :)
We won!
LOL...daddy must have taken this of us. I was texting Hailey...she was not answering.  Lo was being silly :)
Awww...came across these pics....lil' Hailey...when we first moved into our old house.  She had just gotten this trike for her 2nd bday and it was too big for her.  But she kept trying.  I love her style...even then she thought sandals and socks were cool :)
Love this. Her and cousin Harrison.  She was serving him at their tea party at her 2nd bday party :)  And below is a pic in our apt here in Bloomy. She wasn't even 2...but so sweet in her Easter dress.  She loved this apt. We had her Little People all around the living room...she loved them all.  It was a simple time...stressful in some ways, but we cherished our little girl. We never thought we'd be able to have more than her....

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