Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Break--I've lost track of the day...but it was a great one...sleeping in, a surprise movie at a cool theater, spa day and donuts and dancing!

 These are all outta order...but who cares. It was that sorta of day.  Just a do-whatever day.  Here's the end of our day!  I had promised the girls we would do this over break.  Shelb was a dear and set the whole thing up...Ash helped too.  I really did not nothing.  And we decided to have dinner at the spa and try something! haha :)  Ok, not new...but we did try a different kind of Pizza Hut pizza...yum!  We are looking stylish at the spa!
 Steg fun!  Tossing donut holes (yes, mama is a good example...only a couple hit the ceiling :))...and we were jammin to Troll music, especially Total Eclipse of the Heart!  Bonnie rocks!
 A surprise movie at the Tivoli. We had heard great things about this movie theater in Spencer.  It was awesome...and guess who we saw there...Miss Rene and fam!  They are the ones who recommended it to us. Great movie and super discounted!
 I was so impressed...they set this all up by themselves and came up with all the ideas...I especially love the green theme...they even added real greenery/live plants and green balloons--I'm sure this was in honor of their green sister :)
 We are serious about our have to have a ticket and be invited...and sign in.  No unwanted guests!
 We call this the diarrhea had a hit of honey and cinnamon, but definitely resembled a bowel idea how she made it...her idea.  I feel extra smooth tonight.  Go, diarrhea mask!
 It was a DIY salon...we had to do our own nails...I chose all honor of my New Yorker :)
 Donut time!  These were supposed to be breakfast...then lunch, then dinner...they were dessert....close enough!
 They weren't really into the donut making process til it was time to dunk and eat!
 As close to Krispy Kreme as we can get. Not too shabby.  They had eaten the other half of them already :)
 Dance time!  We were Troll music, 80's music, Neal Diamond...and my fav Total Eclipse!
This is from yesterday...but had to post a pic of our fav city girl....the only thing missing from our day was her!  It was a good day. We could use more like it.  I will hopefully add more pics to this another day...or just put in another post....

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!