Friday, March 10, 2017

Spring Break Steg Staycation is here! YAY!!

 That day has finally come...spring break is here!  And it is officially our first spring break stay-cation in quite some time.  No trip to FL, no trip to Disney, no surprise trip to see our Hailey (the kids are sad about this actually...Dylan said to me yesterday..."you mean, we're not doing anything for Hailey's bday this year?" Nope...sad)  But at the same time we need time at home to do nothing.  We have very little planned in the next week and I want to keep it that way! are a few pics of our day....I am not writing bc we are sitting down to watch a movie, just Kev and I. I need to just sit and not think or type.  But Lo and I had a good day...a busy day...but mostly at home just doing fun prep stuff for spring break.  We got a bunch of fun snacks for spring break and made some cupcakes.  He's my little helper.  And we are loving our new Fresh Thyme that opened yesterday. I have been three times in 2 days.  We loved their pizza tonight.  And the kids were thrilled I rented Trolls.  They had been wanting to see it.  Only wish our Hays was here...she is stuck in the dorm alone tonight studying for the SAT (tomorrow).   Sometimes I wish her life was carefree like 16 years ago in these pics below...

 Ash was getting down to the trolls's pretty awesome actually...Total Eclipse of the Heart!  My fav song!
 Look at sweet Hays below.  I had no fashion sense for her bc I thought she was going to be a she had lots of boyish clothes...but she still looked cute thanks to all that hair!
 Below was her first Halloween. I worked (at the hospital) and she stayed home with trick or treating or anything.  I remember having to look for a pumpkin everywhere and this was all I could find. I guess you don't wait til Oct. 31 to get a pumpkin in Grand Rapids.  She was fascinated by it.
 I remember this Christmas was my favorite.  She looked like a princess in it. She was a doll baby. :)
 And I remember how she slept in this crib til she was like 4.  (with the side off of course)...she loved this little bed with her fish tank connected to it :)  She was such a sweet girl...still is!

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