Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday...NYC Barb is here, movie afternoon, and a lazyish day, that didn't seem lazy enough

Look who's in Bloomy!  NYC Barb!  She's the next best thing to Hailey bc I think we actually get more pics of Barb from Hailey than of Hays herself :)  We are so glad she texted us and met up with us at church.  It was so fun to see her and her mom.  I hope she goes to IU next year...I know IU ballet will love her.
Proof that we get lots of pics of Barb from Hailey....this one was supposed to be of Hailey on her bday, but, again, Barb is the next best thing! :)
And the rest of our usual some of it was spent in the van...too much if you ask me.  We had to run from church to get a quick lunch (Wendy's of course!) and then to violin....the kids and I sat in the van and played alphabetical eye spy :)  Don't knock it til you've tried it :)
Still playing hide n seek...and being crazy...the van makes us a little stir crazy :)
And bc movie night last night ended up being too late and we canceled, we made it movie afternoon with popcorn and root beer floats.  The kids were excited to see Moana finally.
It was nice to be in our pj's at 4pm and chill...well most of us chilled. I usually sit and get tasks checked off, but I just sat this time.  Poor Kev had to do (hopefully his last!) cub scout awards. 
Goofiness at dinner....spaghetti funnies....daddy and Dyl were like father like son and got it on their shirts.
Shelb showed us what it was like to eat like a turtle...bc everyone wants to eat like a turtle :)
Prob the best part of the day was chatting with our fav. New Yorker...and since she doesn't send us any pics, we took one of her where she sits happily on our fireplace hearth.  Love you, Hays!

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