Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesdays are nice :)

 I needed a Tuesday after the Monday-getting-back-into-the-routine.  It wasn't the super best morning as we had some homework issues with Dylan...but after the kids were out the door with daddy, Lo and I could sit and chill a bit.  He built a Lego ship (using only square legos...he was very specific (OCD?) about this :)  Then we ate nachos. I got caught up on my calendar organizing and figuring out our new crazy schedule.  It is even nuttier than the last couple months. Ugh!
 Someone reluctantly did his homework. He preferred spring break laziness too!
 We hit Kroger...but discovered it was easier to get through the store if Lo was playing a game on the iphone...he never even noticed that we walked past the cookie area.  Shocking!
 Sounds asleep at school pick-up...just like old times.  He rarely naps anymore...but he must have needed it. No idea how his seat belt got undone....
 Now THAT'S a good nap! :) :) :)
 Someone started running club today after school.  I never knew he liked to run, but he says he does.  I wasn't going to let him do it bc it was one more thing to do and would involve me running to school twice in an hour from our house across town...but turns out Shelb also needs to be picked up near here every time he has running club.  So it works out. Plus his friends are all doing it.  I think it's more of a social thing for him. But he enjoyed it...and the bonus is that he gets to run off some boy energy!
 Then it was off to his Cub Scout Webelo party.  We took his friend with us and they talked coins the whole way.  D is really into coin collecting now. 
 Someone started a new sport today....she was excited!
 D showing off his mad bball skillz at his friend's house.  He was excited he could slam dunk on this low lying hoop.  Wish Pops was around...we need a bball expert to teach him.  He has been watching the March Madness whenever he can. 
 We ran to the park real quick before dinner bc it was so nice out. Ash had never been to the "barn park"...
 He barely fits in that hippo thing now. :)
 Can you tell what sport she started? She is actually pretty good at the hurdles...and running...and possibly long jumping. Good ol' track season is upon us! I have no experience with this at all.  This should be interesting!
 Cooking out for the first time this year...gotta love spring and burgers! Still gotta get a new grill....
And rounding out the evening with violin as usual.  I love to see her smile while playing.  She has her new Vivaldi all memorized and ready to play for group tomorrow! 

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!