Wednesday, March 1, 2017

YAY, March is here! More preschool teaching, sassy Suess attire, 4 dives! and a busy evening of violin, Awana and Suessy snacks!

Well, March is here...yay for that! It means spring is getting closer!  Our morning started out with a bang.  Someone was in a grand mood.  She declared she did not want to dress up for Wacky Wednesday bc it was "not her thing". This was after trying on 10 or so different outfits.  Gotta love that face! :)  Angelic Ash! :)  She was in a Wacky mood for sure!
It was my 2nd day of being a preschool teacher.  I love this subbing job!  I could get used to being my little boy's teacher every day.  Isn't he so sweet doing the pledge to the Bible!  I got to really see the true colors of these kiddos today...I think many had not gotten the best night's sleeps due to the storms.
And his Hess Racecar was a huge hit with his preschool buds for "R" show n he wore his fav Racecar shirt!
Mama Teacher and son :)  And llama...his prize for the day :)  Every kid needs a llama!
Sweet Miss Marilyn got me a gift for subbing this week.  Isn't that the nicest thing to do?  I love this preschool environment...we've been here for 14 years.  It's the best place!  Loggy and I promptly ate the dark choc in the van and we will definitely be using the gift card at our lunch stop in between preschools next week.  Marilyn is the best!
Shelb didn't get much swim/dive time today bc she had double violin lessons, but she was super excited to tell us she finally got all 4 dives down!  Here is one of them above...nice form!  The backwards dive? 
LOL!  Love her coach's response!  Hands up...happy!  He's a great coach...and was also her 3rd grade teacher...and Dylan's too.  Good guy and a great diver and teacher!
I only caught this of violin group class. Theory.  Not Shelb's fav and the boys in this class were misbehaving so it was distracting.  But her teacher is great.  I didn't take pics, but Kev and the other kids and I enjoyed our usual Wendy's stop complete with free Frostys!
Shelb had a nice free meal of Chickfila nuggets and a strawberry shake.  She loves her zesty buffalo sauce too.  It's actually a close 2nd to the chickfila sauce.
And her make-up session from the one she missed last night due to Joshua Bell.  Working on posture...
Really working on posture. Good posture helps her play so much better!
And home to work on a Seuss snack for 2nd grade tomorrow.  Kev was so excited to help! Look at that smile?! And we made Ash pick out her polka dot outfit tonight instead of in the morn. We needed no repeats of the frowny morning we had!
So grateful we saved this recipe from 2015 when we were in the apt. So easy.  Hardest part was making the marshmallow hats.  Wish I'd done that earlier.  But we got them done...a group effort!  YAY!                                       
The ingredients up close :)
And in honor of March being here, I am going to post a pic of day of Hays until her 17th bday. Bc for us, March is really all about her (at least until St. Pat's Day!) :)  Cannot believe I will have a seventeen year old in 16 days. And very sad it will be the first bday we don't see her (don't worry, Hays, no surprises this year!) :(  We love this girl to death and miss her every day!!

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