Thursday, April 27, 2017

A cold Thursday--time at home, time at lunch with crazy D and friends, ballet, track (first relay, hurdles and 800m) and tears :(

 Well, I have discovered that Tuesdays and Thursdays are necessary down days...sometimes Fridays too.   I have given in to that.  Lo really wants to do nothing too, so why force him?!  We slept in a little (thank you, daddy!) and then laid in bed and just vegged. I caught up on emails and paperwork and figuring out the calendar and Lo played and watched Octonauts and Goldie Bear (weird show).  I was happy Octonauts works on our bedroom tv, but he really likes this new Goldie show.  We thought we had free Paw Patrol, but turns out it was almost $2 per episode.  Crazy!   
 We hadn't eaten with Dyl and his crazy buds in a month so it was time.  We found him playing a game with them.  I guess he is the leader of the table as far as games go.  It's usually involving numbers and guessing.  Ellie and I were not too amused. We are beyond silly boy games! :) 
 Totally crazy...but I guess if you look at the mama and brother in the first pic, this must be genetic :)
 Boys Rule...except girls Rule More!
 Oddly enough he didn't want to play playdoh, but just put it in his new Paw Patrol car.
 We had no time today for the park before ballet, so I let the girls run around the field at Batchelor.  They seemed happy with this! haha :)  Last day of having Neva with us...we will miss her...she's like family! :)  And Logan really likes her a lot. 
 She seems like she doesn't have a care in the world!  Last academic super bowl day (competition on Saturday!)
 Ash found a new friend...the owner's daughter.  They did art for awhile together. Sweet.
 Ash was showing her how to make 3 dimensional things.  She is the expert artist!
 Sweet girl!
 The track star...ready for a cold meet against rivals....though many of them are our friends. I wish I could have stayed for the meet, but I was on ballet duty...and honestly it was so cold, I am not sure I could have made it out there for 2 hours without my jacket (that Shelb was wearing).  Notice the macaron socks.  Her idea.  To distract her competition. She thought they would not be able to focus, run, jump bc of them.  Ha!
 At the last minute some kids were sick and she was put in her first relay.  Fun!  She actually said she liked it and wants to do this next year. Anyway...I could only see from behind the gate (so I didn't have to pay)...can you spot her on the track with the long socks?  Almost under the BHSS sign. It was the best pic I could get. And I just missed the hurdles bc I had to run back to ballet.  Her sweet core group leader from church came to the meet though. So nice of her and her hubby and baby!                   
Daddy was able to enjoy the meet in peace and quiet while I was at home with the rascals!  He took a few pics and videos that I just screenshotted....of the relay.  Nice baton work, Shelb!
 Gotta love those socks!  They are totally distracting to the competition! :)
Nice pass off!  I think that's the hardest part of the relay!
 Look at the stride!  Not too shabby for her first relay/using a baton!  And below is her hurdles.  I think daddy said he taped the wrong girl the first time (should have looked for the socks!) this is what he got of the real race!  Nice hurdling, Shelba!  And she beat out that last girl after she fell. Shelb looks worried for her, almost like she wanted to help her up. :)
 And I think this is the line-up for the 800m.  See her glaring at daddy?! :)
Not sure what this face was?  And I have no idea how she did in any of these events, but at least she had fun. :)
 We hit home after ballet.  D is giddy over his Kansas project.  He looked through his 500 postcards hoping to find Kansas ones and only had 1.  Sad.  Again, why do you pick KS to do a state project on??  Last day for running club for this boy...he sure loved this club and so grateful for our two teachers for starting it up.  He might just be a runner some day!
 Apparently someone had her first audition today at ballet? She had to wear this pinned to her leo.  8 and auditioning?  Weird. I think it was to see if she could move up a level.  Not even sure she will continue with ballet. We shall see.
And tonight has been rough.  I think we are overly tired, but the main issue is our attitude.  Gonna be working on this this summer.  Frustrating for all.

And all I can say is that 1 month from yesterday is our final day of school...yippee for that! Summer is in sight. Cannot wait!

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