Sunday, April 30, 2017

A new dog (not ours!), a new frog (sorta ours!), and violin and bday shopping on a very rainy day

 Another sleepless night made for a long day.  And the rain ain't helping.  But after church, we did sorta lay low.  Dylan went off with Nina and Poppy to the north side for Indy, while the rest of us did our own thing. Lo played on his newly cleaned off train table that has had all our Easter stuff on it for 2 weeks.  He was a happy boy :)
 Ash found a new pet when she went out to refill our bird feeder.  He was a cute lil' guy.
 Of course, she wouldn't touch him, but our animal whisperer had no qualms about it!  First he was put in the big bucket...
 Then transferred to the salamander tank that apparently Uncle Jeff had bought?  I don't remember this...but it worked perfectly for the frog.
 Shelby decided this was too boring so she added rocks later on...
 And she tried to talk dad into letting her keep him in the house.  Fail.
 Then off to violin with our pianist.
 And a last minute decision to shop for some bday clothing.  Her fav store is H&M.  I found this awesome outfit...a unicorn dress (to remind her of unicorn frappuccinos!) and llama pants!  What could be better?! She was not amused.
 She found a cute dress at Old Navy, but it was more than the two other dresses we got put together, so it's going on a bday list.
 Rethinking the whole idea of shopping with mom :)
 Definitely rethinking things...
 Off to Target for SB, of course!  Her new fav. drink caramel macchiato.  Still too afraid to drink the Strawberries and creme frappuccino.  And she had a cookie and the added bonus of choc. covered expresso beans.  They are pretty good even for people who don't like coffee (me)
 Cutest llama ever at the candy store!  We totally need to have a llama farm!
 Torrential downpour outside.  If there is ever a good day for shopping, this was it.  Though a nap would have been ok too! But I did enjoy my time with my almost teen!
 Back at home we decided the frog needed to go back to his natural habitat.
 So off they went to our drainage area.  Not at all excited that our neighbor put a fence up.  Can't see anything now.
 Still on the train table!
 She cleaned the tank out and decided she wanted in empty in her room in hopes that it could have an animal in it someday.  She put her two fake turtles in it bc we all know she wants a turtle!
 Food eating pics for Hays!  Pizza night. Easy.  Good.
 Penny for your thoughts?  We now have a drainage pond in our front landscaping.  Shelb's idea is to make it a turtle pond.  Nice.
 Back from the day with Nina and Poppy!  Excited that he got good food and a happy meal Mario that lights up...and a Blizzard from DQ!  Doesn't take much to make him happy. I think it was nice he got a day alone with Nina and Poppy. He loved it!                                          
 And this is why Dylan was gone all day...helping Nina and Poppy get their new dog from a rescue center! :)  Isn't he cute!
 I guess Dylan played with him a lot when they got home.  His name was Sterling, but Dylan and Poppy didn't like that name or thought it didn't suit him?  So we were giving them new name options over text.  Guess who came up with the new name?  Me! :)  Didn't know I was a dog namer, huh?!  Welcome to the family, Buster! (remember Buster Brown shoes?  Those things were we have a Buster dog!)

 I guess he was sad when Dylan left :(
 LOL!  Facetiming Hailey tonight, I notice that Shelb has a whole wall in her room almost committed to her bday...she has a bday countdown going on...and a gift list....have I mentioned bdays are important to her?!
I didn't know they went shopping too today....he was excited about his new clothes, especially Minecraft pjs!  Thanks, Nina and Poppy!

And now the bday week is upon us.  We talked at length about the big bday weekend and have some solid, fun plans in store.  Very outdoorsy so I hope the weather cooperates!  I am worn down--this was supposed to be a complete down day for me, but did not happen...I am just hoping and praying I make it through the month of May intact.  I usually don't feel this tired til school is ending. But I am glad to say that April has come to an end....ready for May!

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