Friday, April 28, 2017

A super lazy day and a super stormy Friday night

 Well, it was the laziest morning for Lo and I.  If it was sunny and warm out, I would have felt badly that we didn't leave the house but to take the kids to school...but I didn't feel bad at all! If Indiana is going to hand us crummy weather, where gonna show it by being lazy!  Nuff said!  We did however play a couple awesome games of Guess Who--Star Wars style...which is interesting given I know very little about SW and Logan cannot read...honestly I could hardly pronounce most of their names.  All the more fun!  Somehow I fell asleep after lunch and he just snuggled up next to me....well, sorta...he did a lot of jumping off the bed and snacking on daddy's side....sorry, daddy!
 Time to pick this girl up from school and run her to core group.  We had to run through SB even though we were running late to pick up her core group friend.  Can you tell what this cake pop is? I can even make a better parrot than that?  Come on, Starbucks!  Get with it!  She was still holding out for a Unicorn frap, but of course that deal was done on Sunday.  We did hear however that new fun drinks are coming soon!  Oh boy!  More for us to go crazy about and not find any in Bloomy! 
 Quiz for Pops....who did Ash have to draw in class today? 
 Our bunny friend came to say hi...can you spot her?  We have a whole family of them that live out back.  So far they have left our garden alone...they better keep it that way!
 A food eating pic for Hays...gotta do that for her!  No need to thank us, Hays!  Track was canceled due to weather so we actually had a meal together...not a fancy one though...just good ol crescent 'dogs!
 Hmmm? Where did he come up with this idea? This is what happens when you don't put on his pj's for him....he figures out new uses for them! 
 Oh, yes he did!  His own zip line!
 Terrible storm....torrential downpour and awful lightning.  And sure enough...our neighbor's house got hit by lighting. I heard it happen.  And quick checked in with Dylan's teacher who lives right by the firetruck.  They were ok...but the neighbor's house was on fire a little bit.  Those fire trucks were on it as were neighbor's who told the teenage girl alone in the house to get out!  Scary!
 Oh the joys of making your computer talk...some kind of voice control thing that daddy was doing.  Kids were amused slightly :)
Best way to in face.  It's his new way...he's a quirky kid!

And our evening was spent talking to Nina and Pops in FL...about all sorts of fun things like pyroflatulence, not being allowed to go to the bathroom at school, flamingo farms and other such fun things that come up with Gritter conversation :)  Fun!


Nancy Gritter said...

YES!!!! That was a fun evening on FaceTime!! hahaha!! :) Those Steg kiddos are so FUNNY! Pops enjoyed too! The wonderful things you can learn from past experiences!! Tehe :) Love you guys! Nina and Pops

Anonymous said...

Cookie Monster ?????

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Pops, we really thought you would get this one...Michael Jordan! It's an abstract pic of him :)

Thanks for all the insight on boogars and toots last night :) Very insightful!