Saturday, April 29, 2017

Acedemic Super Bowl finals, more rain=cancellations, chores instead!

Well, a busy morning for us, that turned into a free afternoon...yay for that!  But a bummer for us to have to get up earlier than on a normal school day...just to go back to school for Academic Super Bowl. But we didn't complain too much (Shelby didn't at least :))  And I would have been ok had the storm not kept me up most of the night.  Grrr. But we made the best of it.  Had to help before the competition at the BTV concession stand.  Never worked this before, but it was actually fun.  Shelb was a huge help making the pricing sheet and organizing things.
And daddy would be proud that she stocked the "coke fridge" with soda :)
We were some of the first people getting up early to be places (not!), but at least this wasn't in Semour where it was supposed to be...1st bc we would have had to leave at 6:30 am and 2nd bc they were flooded there. I saw a pic from their streets of a car under water on their main street.  So I guess it was good that our school hosted!  Look at that smart mathemetician!
Clear board at the beginning of the morning. We were so hopeful for a good score. But I had no idea that Class 1 is the biggest and hardest/smartest class.  Go figure.
Shelb was up first!  Usually she is in the 2nd half of the first round.  See her giving me the evil eye :)
I caught a stellar pic of her through the glass door on the way to the concession stand.  I'm getting so good with quality pics lately :) haha
Mostly we just saw her back.  But they did get the first question right...I thought that was a good sign.
Our gym was packed.  They had to bring in two more extra side bleachers....I am quite certain they never guessed this many people would show up to an academic super bowl on such an early rainy Saturday.  It was packed more than some athletic events.
Can you do this problem?  I couldn't. Ash got quite a few of them right though....she stood next to me and was doing them in her head (or maybe just guessing really well)
Another one right for our team! They raise their hands when they get it correct...and then the score board person on the sidelines keeps our score
Our Steg Math supporters!  One on an iphone, one doing his Kansas report...and one trying to prove she was smarter than middle schoolers!
Done! Time to switch with other math super bowlers.  Nice glare! And her friend stuck her tongue out at me. Rude math nerds!
Their final score for the first math half. I was proud of them (7 correct!)--a 4 way tie for 1st place (this was half the scores...the other half were across the gym)
The math genius team (minus one who had to go home early)
Sadly we came in last place in Math bc the tie breaker questions were not the ones we got right (we could have gotten 4th place). I think Shelb's math group did better than the group after her...but maybe I'm biased.  Oh well...still a great experience and I was proud of Shelb. She really enjoyed it!
She helped clean up for the event and I helped in the teacher work room and cleaning up the concession stand.  We got a cheap pizza to go bc they had extras and a couple free food items and set sail for home!  It had actually stopped raining by 1pm too. YAY! 
I did notice when I was reading the pamphlet that this was put on by Purdue...and Batchelor colors are also PU colors!  I think this is all a sign. Though Shelb has higher hopes for college.  More about that later!
Since it rained so much, D's soccer game and Lo's 1st tball practice were canceled...and Ashley's GS event was also canceled.  This was honestly a blessing...God's way of giving us permission to just be home...
We didn't rest, but we did get stuff done.  Finally went through Easter candy, organized it (saving some for Halloween!) and put Easter away.  We have never had so much candy in our house every.  I should have taken a pic of it all...and this is after eating it for 2-3 weeks!  You can imagine how much we had before!
Sad.  3rd garage mouse dead.  Daddy was right...we had a family of them.  We thought we got them all, but this one stuck it out til he was really hungry.  And then we never noticed he was dead til the garage was smelling today.  Not cool.  Not a big fan of rodents.  But you know Shelb. She tried to catch our garage mice by humanely making a bucket ramp coated with peanut butter to catch them in and release to the wild. 
The bonus of cleaning up Easter stuff is you find stuff you never did, like Easter crafts from all the egg hunts we did!  He did them and then they went promptly into the trash!  I am getting good about no clutter!
Trouble.  He has been sneakily eating candy in Hayeeee's room (hiding wrappers under her bed).  Grrrr.  He does look a little sorry about it, but I highly doubt he feels sorry enough not to do it again.  :(
Seriously...we sorted candy for hours.   This is only half of it.  But we are grateful some of it is hard candy that can be saved for October. Will save us money for trick or treaters!  They are being stored in Hailey's closet, so no sneaking them, Nina or Hays!         

 Taking a break from Easter candy sorting to jam to Trolls! :)
Some Dylan-eating-pics for Hays :)  Her fav meal too...burgers.  Dinner was one big bust after another. First it was supposed to be chicken night and we started to marinade it and it smelled awful. I guess chicken can go bad in a few days in the fridge. Gross.  Never had that happen  Dumped that. Then was going to grill burgers and corn on the charcoal.  Then I messed up the potatoes in the oven (too much pepper)...then burned myself making them. Then the corn on the cob never got done.  Great dinner.
I'll let Dyl tell you how yummy his corn was sometime.  I was tired at this point and cut it off his cob and scooped it off the table and threw it on his plate.  He reluctantly ate it after it came off the table. :)
Interesting.  This girl has got her own ideas.  It is our new plan to have them do a small chore before getting a treat. So far it works! 
Victory on the Kansas state project...Home of the first Pizza Hut! No wonder this boy picked this state....he LOVES PH! :) 
Someone left her dorm tonight! Shocker!  Not sure why they went out to dinner, but it looks like a fun place with sweet girls!  Glad Barb sent me a pic.  She's my new photographer of Hailey :)

And hard to believe that this girl will be a TEEN in one week!  She is not letting us forget.  Her wish for her bday is for us to get a farm of llamas (among other things :)).  Today she lessened that to just a bunny.  She is relentless.  I can just imagine what a persistent teenager she will be!


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