Monday, April 3, 2017

And God sent rain.

 Well, it was Monday. Enough said.  The morning was not great, the day was not great, but the night got better...except that we are still up and it's almost midnight. :(  Loggy had a rough morning at preschool. He didn't technically have a bad day (meaning he did not get a red slip with a frowny face), but his teacher did talk to me about how aggressive he was and how she had to speak to him about this.  He promptly got his lunch treat taken away, which crushed him.  He almost didn't want to go to the park with me bc he was mad at me...but I talked him into it and he snuggled up next to me and smiled a little :)  He definitely was not himself today.
 We played hide n seek, but it was a little soggy to find good hiding spaces (in slides at least, which is where he wanted to hide :)) we played I-spy :)  He was confused by some of mine :)
 But he is a smartie and guessed them right away!                       
I think the culprit for the craziness was pure exhaustion. He went to bed late last night and even on the way to school in the morning he was asking to go back to bed and sleep til "8, 9 or 11".  He begged to go to sleep at lunch time...and then gave up on the way home from old school with daddy.  He very rarely naps anymore after school, so you know he was tired.  Daddy says he hasn't napped in the car for him since the first week of new preschool.  Wow.
 I spent most of the day shopping. My least fav. thing, but trying to get holiday stuff done before Hays gets here so I can rest more then.  I think my new motto is to just go to Amazon. They have the best deals and so much more time-efficient.
And then...the rain came....well, it actually didn't rain too much, but it did rain at exactly the right time (or wrong depending on how you look at it). I was happy. I was not in the mood to really sit through a track meet and soccer...sorry.  So, here's the happy/sad gang chowing on dinner. It had to be rushed pancakes bc we thought we had to leave pronto...but turns out we didn't  Thumbs down from Dylan who was really excited about his first day of soccer at the YMCA (trying a new place...much cheaper and his best friend is doing it).  And track was canceled. I think Shelb was happy about this. I got a scathing text from her at lunch time that she was unhappy about only being in long distance run. She thinks she should have been one of three long jumpers bc she is better than who was put in that event.  Can't confirm or deny this, but she was worked up.  So it was a good thing she could come home and de-stress :)  Ash was happy bc GS was still on...and Lo was happy bc he got choc. chip pancakes. :)
 So since soccer was called off D focused on bball....he had been itching to call Pops and hash out March Madness stuff, so that's what he did.  He was showing Pops all his old predictions, which ended up being incorrect.  And I think Pops gave him some pointers on his bball game.  Good.  We need an expert bball-er to help D!  Goodness knows I had no skills and Kev might have less than me!
 Ash loved her time at GS was an extra long meeting and they made their own mini lights out of batteries and duct tape, and robots out of toothbrushes (Bristol Bots?) 
 Very cool!
 Possible future electrician?
Not sure what the Playdoh was about...           
She really loved making these.  She has a very inquisitive mind.
 Here they are up close lighting up/bouncing around her desk :)
Joking with Pops!  Always a fun pastime :)
Teaching Pops a little bit about electricity :) :)  And I should have showed Shelb talking to Pops too about how unfair it was she was not in the long jump and how awesome she is at it!  She definitely is not afraid to speak her mind!
And we let him stay up just a little bit to watch the final game.  He had testing tomorrow so he'll have to wait til the a.m. to see the score.  He was pulling for NC (at least I think that's who's in it)...but I think the other weird-named team was winning. 

Anyway....a long day.  I have realized the more I have on my brain, the less I remember...I forgot I had GS snack and only remembered bc I found an old calendar by mistake.  Would have totally showed up with nothing and those girls would have been starving since most did not eat dinner.  Also forgot I had to make a lemon pound cake for a teacher lunch today.  Meant to do it yesterday.  Thankfully I got it done while making lunches this morn.  Phew.  Not doing good on memory lately.  Need to be more organized and probably say more "no's" next year.  More sleep would help...zzzzz

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