Sunday, April 2, 2017

Created for more (or less?)...

Well, as many of you may have guessed, I am going through a catharsis of sorts lately.  Some might call it a mental breakdown, but honestly I think sometimes we need to sink a little to get back up to the top.  I know this from experience.  These types of roller coaster times have made me who I am today (for better or worse :)).  I have been really sitting back and evaluating life. (well, not really sitting...but thinking about it as I run!)  And in those fleeting moments I have realized I want less in life. I always thought I wanted more...more time, more this, more that....but I realized lately that I want less...and I want it in all areas.  Don't get me wrong...I am quite content where I am in life. I love being a mom, love having 5 kids (though I am still trying to find the humor and reasoning behind God thinking I could parent this many successfully!)...but that aside...I love my husband, I love staying home and getting to enjoy all the blessings God has laid at my feet. But I am finding lately that I am robbed of my joy.  Maybe I have been for a long time.  But it's really starting to irritate me lately.  I don't want all this.  By all I mean the "fluff stuff". I don't really want this house...(don't get me wrong, I appreciate it and it's great)...but I actually would love less of a house...maybe some land and less of a house.  And obviously you know I want less stuff going on.  That is totally in my control, I know.  But how do you go for where we are, to where I want to be?  I almost want to be forced to do have to move (not that I want a job loss or anything drastic like that), but it does force you to change your lifestyle a whole heck of a lot.  I don't know.  I am just getting these thoughts out there.  And oddly enough as I was thinking about this I got an email today from some person I must be following unknowingly on a blog...a "simple as that" blog.    She was forced to make a journey to a simpler life.  I love that.  I think she lives on some island now. I didn't have time to read the whole journey, but it definitely fascinated me.  I actually had a dream when I was a kid that I would be a missionary like my Aunt Nee.  I thought that would be the coolest job.  To live a simple life in many respects, but to bring God's Word to those who wouldn't otherwise know THAT'S greatness!  I don't know what I'm getting at, but I guess I think I was created for a less-type of way. Does that make sense?  Not sure what God is stirring up in me lately, but I hope I don't miss something if He's calling me to it. I'm afraid I will if I am too busy like this.  Hmm...a lot to think about.  Anyway...I do love this quote from this "simpleasthat" blog..."Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed at how much she had time for".  Amen, sista!

 Here's a few pics from the day...bc I am downloading my phone soon and getting a new (old) one, so wanting to get them up here.  Love my sweet Loggy...always picking special flowers for me :)  He has such a heart of gold :)  He crawled into bed with me this morning and just snuggled up and kissed my nose.  I know I will miss that someday :)
 It was a very uneventful day...we had planned to go to church at the norm time, but when we got in the van we realized church was already starting and we were 20mins away.  We'd miss half the service if we went them. So back inside to do chores and wait to go to church til 11.  Great.  I was at home with the kids alone most of the day....Kev had a big cub scout meeting to hand off his responsibilities (sorta) and he was on violin duty too.  So we had chore-fest.  Loggy was the star...thumbs up for cleaning his part of the room!
 Double thumbs up for running down the stairs and volunteering to do the was his brother's responsibility, but he wanted to help. So sweet!
 They were cracking me up.  Ash was doing a writing assignment and she was getting spell check from Siri...every time she ask her a word she'd find one of my friend's addresses and map it out.  Crazy Siri!
 I made a last minute decision on dinner...a new garlic chicken and potatoes in the was actually not all that bad. I don't do well with winging things usually, especially when chef Kev is gone.  The kids even liked it (sorta)

 He wasn't the biggest fan, but he ate his small pieces, gave me the evil eye and then promptly ate his bribery treat :)
Love this...I never get on facebook, but I saw this on Ashley's class page from February.  Boiler up!  Love her sweet teacher...she's one of the best teacher's we've ever had.  She makes sure Ashley is really challenged and we so appreciate that!  Don't want our Ash getting bored! :)  

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